Getting Your System Ready for the Season

The entire country can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as the winter season we thought would never end has come to a close and spring is here. However, the beautiful weather we have been having will be short lived and summer with its brutal heat is right around the corner. While you spent the winter indoors and out of the elements, your a/c unit has been buried under snow, leaves and whatever else the wind brings. Most of us expect to flip the switch on the first hot day and have cool air coursing through our home. However, without proper preparation and maintenance, it’s very likely you’re a/c unit could fail on that first hot day. Today we will be offering some tips on how to prepare your home for the upcoming summer.

Before we go any further, it’s important to make clear that HVAC systems are complex and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Anything beyond the basic maintenance should be left to the professionals. If you don’t feel comfortable or are unsure about performing any type of maintenance on you HVAC system, stop reading now and call a reputable HVACcontractor.


The filters in your a/c unit are both the simplest portion to maintain and one of the most essential to its function. Dirty filters can restrict air flow through your home and also cause your energy bills to rise. Filters also keep dust and debris out of your duct work, making the air in your home breathable. The filters are usually located inside your home on the side of your furnace. Once you have located the filter, simply remove the existing filter and replace with a new one. There are many different types of filters and are rated according to the MERV system. For more information about the different types of filters, click here.

Visual Check

Look for anything out of the ordinary like frayed or exposed wires, damage to the outside of the unit, leaking lines or any signs the unit was producing smoke. If you do note any of these things, do not turn on the unit and contact a professional.

Remove Debris

Leaves and debris surrounding your unit can cause all kinds of problems. Using a rake or leaf blower, clear all debris in and around the unit. Make sure that there are not large objects on top of the unit and the fan is unobstructed. Without removing the top cover and ensuring the unit is powered off, apply a small coat of WD40 (or any spray non-abrasive lubricant for metals) to the fan blades. If you notice any obstructing debris inside of the unit, do not turn it on and contact a professional.

Check Lines

Inspect the coolant lines and make sure there are no leaks and all the lines are connected to the unit. The lines are normally wrapped in insulation to prevent freezing; make sure the insulation is intact and not frayed or split. If you do find some lines are exposed or the insulation is coming undone, you can easily replace or patch the missing areas with insulation tape. Do not attempt to remove or reattach any of the lines you find disconnected.

Test Thermostat and Unit

Check your thermostat and unit by setting the temperature to your usual warm weather setting. The unit should power up as normal and the thermostat should display the temperature entered. Note how long it takes for your home to begin to cool down. If it seems to take longer than usual, don’t be alarmed. However, if the unit does not seem to be cooling the home or you feel hot air coming from the vents, contact a professional.

These simple steps can help ensure that you and your family are cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. If you come across any of the issues listed above or you do not feel comfortable performing maintenance, call Michael & Son Services. Our friendly and professional HVAC technicians can help you with maintenance, repairs and replacements. Check out our website and find out what kind of HVAC deals we have in your area. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube page to find out about special offers, upcoming events and much more!

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Are D.I.Y Electrical Projects a Good Idea?

One of the most complex and potentially dangerous parts of a home is the electrical system. Nearly all home improvement professionals will strongly recommended against amateurs taking a stab at any job around the house that involves the electrical system. Every year, thousands of people are injured and even killed as a result of home improvement projects gone wrong. To underscore those facts, just last year, a Master Electrician in Ohio was killed on a job involving a commercial electric work.  What drives untrained but seemingly intelligent people to take enormous risk to make minor repairs? In my opinion, it’s the internet.

We have all been emboldened by the by DIY YouTube videos showing what appears to be an armature performing complex and dangerous home improvements with ease. However, these videos are not always as they seem. Many times, these are actual professionals who are simply playing a character. Remember, many people on YouTube and similar sites are more concerned with view counts and attracting advertisers than they are about providing safe and sound information. At Michael & Son Services, our chief interest is the safety of our customers and our technicians as well. So why should you choose a Michael & Son electrician over a do-it-yourself YouTube challenge. Here are some reasons…

Training & Experience

All Michael & Son electricians undergo extensive training and must be able to complete nearly any residential task with safety and efficiency. Michael & Son electricians training is continuous and are required to work towards and achieve all certifications related to their area of expertise. Those training and expertise are applied to today’s latest technologies and products, ensuring you get the best service for your money.

Licensed, Bonded, Warranties

If you blow out your electrical panel, set fire to your home or injure yourself, you are responsible for any damages to your home, self or worse, others. Michael & Son Services technicians are licensed and bonded in the states they services; giving you a piece of mind when it comes to your safety and homes well being. Furthermore, Michael & Son offers the industry’s only guarantee on all suggested repairs for the entire time you live in your home. Click here to read more about our industries first Life Time Guarantee. 

Extensive Interview Process, Emailed Profiles

Potential Michael & Son Technicians undergo an extensive interview process that includes a criminal background check, drug screening and professional history investigations. That is not information we keep to ourselves; all customers receive an email including the technician’s picture and a short bio. That way you know exactly who will be showing up to your door before they ring the door bell. You can’t say the same about the anonymous person on your computer screen.

When dealing with something as volatile and dangerous as your homes electrical system, it’s clear that choosing a professional is the way to go. Our electricians can handle any job, from resets lights to heavy ups. Check out our website to learn more about the Michael & Son experienceand read testimonies from past customers. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube page to find out about upcoming events, special offers and much more!

This guy might look like he knows what he's doing but how do you know for sure?

This guy might look like he knows what he’s doing but how do you know for sure?

All Michael & Son Services customers receive a picture and bio of their technicians before he rings the door bell.

All Michael & Son Services customers receive a picture and bio of their technicians before he rings the door bell.

Michael & Son Techs are licensed and bonded in the states that they provide service

Michael & Son Techs are licensed and bonded in the states that they provide service

Cool down, Michael and Son has got your back!

Why do you do when the summer is on its way? You greet the heat with a freshly installed Cooling system!

We’ve got several amazing systems for you, come, take a look and see the possibilities!

Michael and Son takes great pride in our thorough 21-point precision tune up service for heating and AC equipment:

Our highly skilled and trained technicians will perform a 21-point precision tune up of your heating or cooling system. Upon completion, we will provide you with a written report and make recommendations necessary to improve the quality and comfort in your home and ensure your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance.

Emergency 24 HR Heating & AC Service
Air Conditioner

At Michael and Son we understand the importance and urgency of your comfort needs.

More often than not, your HVAC system will fail at the most untimely and inconvenient time possible: on the hottest days, after hours or on a weekend or holiday. Our certified trained technicians conveniently carry a large variety of parts required to repair your cooling or heating system right on their trucks. Rest assured that, at Michael and Son, we will do everything possible to get you up and running 24/7.

New System Replacement

Michael and Son provides furnace, boiler, heat pump and central air/ac replacements and other HVAC services in the Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield and Washington, D.C. areas. Our design engineers will be able to address your specific comfort needs and engineer a replacement system that will keep you comfortable year-round year after year.

Air Conditioner

Full service agreements

Michael and Son offers several service agreements to suit your specific needs at a modest price.

Indoor Air Quality

Michael and Son offers a variety of HVAC air quality products such as HEPA air filtration systems, humidifiers, ultra violet air sanitizers and touch Air Conditionerprogrammable thermostats.

Why should I purchase a service agreement?

Proper care of your HVAC equipment can save you real dollars on your utility bills as well as in your pocket. Some air conditioning and heating problems can double operating costs without reducing comfort, ultimately resulting in untimely and costly repairs. Regular maintenance to maintain peak performance and reliability is a must. An HVAC service agreement with Michael and Son will give you the piece of mind that your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance season after season.

We service all brands, types, makes and models

• Adams
• Addison
• Air temps
• Aire-Flo
• American Standard
• Arcoaire
• Armstrong
• Air Conditioning
• Bryant
• Biasi
• Buderus
• Burnham
• Central Boiler
• Centurion
• Clare
• Coleman
• Columbia
• Comfort maker
• Daikin
• Dayton
• DeLonghi
• DMO Industries
• Dornback
• Ducane
• Dunkirk
• Emerson
• Evcon
• E W C
• Fedders
• Friedrich
• Frigidaire
• Fulton
General Electric(GE)
• Gibson
• Goldstar
• Goodman
• Hallmark
• Heil
• Homart
• Intertherm
• Janitrol
• Keeprite
• Kerr
• Laars
• LG
• Luxaire
• Maytag
• Mitsubishi
• Munchkin
• Olsen / Airco
• Oneida Royal
• Parker
• Payne
• Peerless
• Pennco
• Runtal
• Sanyo
• Sears
• Sharp
• Spartan
• Tappan
• Tempstar
• Thermo Pride
• Trane
• Trianco
• Utica
• Viessmann
• Weatherking
• Weil-McLain
• Whirlpool
• Williamson-Thermaflo

Fully Equipped Heating and Air Conditioning Trucks 

HVAC services offered in Springfield, Arlington, Washington DC, Alexandria Virginia, Fairfax, and surrounding cities.


Home Care Agreement – What’s in it for you?

Protect your homHCA-Comparison-Charte with the Michael & Son Home Care Agreement Plan. We offer 24-hour priority emergency service, five annual service inspections, mostly all parts and labor covered for HVAC and discounts on all Plumbing and Electrical repairs. The Home Care Agreement is designed to help maintain one of your greatest assets, your home. You have made a large investment in your home and with the rising cost of home repairs, the Home Care Agreement will help with the longevity of your equipment. Below you will see some of the wonderful benefits the Home Care Agreement has to offer.

A Few Benefits..

As part of our Home Care Agreement, we provide you with PRIORITY SERVICE so that you move to the front of the line when you call!

We will waive all dispatch fees during normal business hours. We also waive the HVAC diagnostic fee during normal and emergency hours.

You will receive a 10% off Electrical and Plumbing repairs for as long as your Home Care Agreement remains active.


Our Home Care Agreement Plan includes mostly all HVAC parts and labor. The plan also includes free warranty repairs on your HVAC system**

When you invest in our Home Care Agreement Plan, we will provide you with annual service inspections to keep you up to date with your home care needs: 1 Qualifying Inspection, 1 AC Precision Tune-up, 1 Heating System Precision Tune-up, 1 Electrical & 1 Plumbing Inspection.

Your Home Care Agreement can either be transferred to your new home or to the buyer of the home that you are selling.**

*- cannot be combined with any other offer – prices subject to change with additional zones.* – some restrictions apply, please ask a representative for details.

Call 1-800-948-MIKE today, to find out more about how our Home Care Agreement plan can benefit you!

Why hire a Michael and Son professional?

We feel the exact same way you do, we love saving money. We want to make sure we’re getting a good value for our money, and feeling that instant gratification after a service well received. We love that feeling of accomplishing a complicated task on our home, making our husbands or wives happy, showing off to your kids or friends that come over. “Hey, yeah, I did that!” We get it, it feels good to do things yourself, to feel talented and handy – but there comes a time in everyone’s life, where some jobs just require a professional.

Our techs are the top in the industry, period. While completing your project, fixing your home repair, they’re educating you on potential upkeep tips and tricks down the road. Our technicians walk you through every step taken, showing you whats being done. There’s no secret about our work, that’s why we’re the best!

When to Call?

Whatever you do, DON’T PANIC!

When your toilet is overflowing, or your pipe is spewing water, we are only a phone call away! Our technicians arrive promptly, trucks fully equipped with the essential tools and supplies needed to get your home back in tip top shape. There is nothing we hate more than a temporary fix, and we pride ourselves on providing accurate and thorough workmanship the first time, no need for multiple visits.

For almost 40 years, Michael and Son has provided top-notch work complete with exceptional customer service. We work hard to improve ourselves in the trade, and regularly offer training sessions for our staff so that they remain up to date on the latest advancements and products in the industry.

Basim Mansour and Sons on local job

April Fools Prank!

This year, we assembled an April Fools prank so good, it had the Washington metro area reeling in disbelief.

Our President, Basim Mansour, decided to run for President of the United States (well not really, but a lot of people believed it!), you can watch his “announcement” here. His longstanding reputation within the Northern Virginia community made this of no shock, as many thought that he would naturally take that next step. This hardworking family man has made a lasting impression on his colleagues We had at least a dozen calls asking for interviews, all hoping to get the first from the Basim Mansour camp!

His message to us:

“Who will do more for the American family? 7 million Americans are still struggling to find full time jobs.

America needs a strong leader with a proven track record of success. A leader who knows how to be successful and put good people to work. A man who believes that America should lead the world in education. Someone who will cut spending and hold Washington accountable. America, a nation built on honesty, dedication and hard work.

Wouldn’t you expect the same values from your next President?

Together America, We can. I’m Basim Mansour and I approve this message.”

His site, proved serious, listing his platform alongside potential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, and Elizabeth Warren – his business experience could have swayed either party, a successful venture, worth considering…

Read more on Basim and his journey here.


OOPS! We’ve done it again…..

Truly honored to be awarded this Presidential Award from Carrier. Our DC Richmond and Norfolk locations have won this prestigious award, and we can’t help but to share it with our amazing customers. We work hard to maintain positive relationships with all of our partners, and are thrilled to receive this award for the 3RD YEAR IN A ROW!

Are you a customer? There’s a reason we’ve received so many awards, find out for yourself – call 1 (800) 948-MIKE, and schedule your service today!



 Allow Carrier to break it down for you….

Recognizing Carrier dealers who exemplify leadership andmanagement, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence.

The President’s Award, started in 2007, is Carrier’s highest honor for its dealers. This annual award is designed to encourage self-analysis and reward individuals who have excelled in customer relations. Its goal is to support business improvements and show gratitude for their customer loyalty. This award presents the opportunity for recipients to serve as role models, share “best practices” and otherwise offer peer mentoring to help cultivate excellence across the dealer group. Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers who have earned this distinction in previous years will be recognized as a Past President’s Award winner on the Carrier Dealer Locator.

President’s Award recipients are businesses that far exceed high expectations, not only as a Carrier dealer, but also as one of our Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers—who are held to an even more exacting set of standards. A President’s Award winner is a company that we at Carrier Corporation recognize and hold up to other dealers as an example of true excellence. It is an enterprise whose leadership, integrity and performance we hope all dealers will aspire to emulate.

Putting You First

For President’s Award Dealers, it’s your satisfaction—not just a sale—that counts. That’s why they strive to provide personal follow-up and quick, knowledgeable solutions to your home comfort problems. They also keep ahead of the industry with specialized training. All of this makes a big difference when you have to make big decisions about your home comfort.

Thank you Carrier, we enjoy doing business with you!

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Tragedy struck Princess Anne county in Maryland today as a family was found dead in their home ruled as carbon monoxide poisoning. The victims were identified as Rodney Todd, 36, and his children: Cameron Todd, 13, and Zycheim Todd, 7; and girls Tynijuiza Todd, 15; Tykira Todd, 12; Tybree Todd, 10; Tyania Todd, 9; and Tybria Todd, 6.

 The electricity had been cut off due to an outstanding bill, and the tenant purchased a generator to keep his family warm. The generator was found inside the kitchen, and when it ran out of gasoline the family were overcome by the fumes. Read more on this horrific story here.

While this accident seems unbelievable, it is completely preventable with use of smoke and CO detectors.Taking the proper steps in Carbon Monoxide prevention plays a vital role in your families health. We offer both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and dual detectors, keeping your home safe from these harmful fumes.

Call us today to schedule your installation, 1 (800) 948-MIKE!


What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. With its odorless characteristic, you are never knowingly inhaling the deadly gas, something only a detector could sense.

CO is inhaled alongside other fumes, the worst imaginable characteristic as you can’t tell it’s present, unknowingly inhaling it.

Where is CO found?

CO is found in the fumes produced whenever fuel is being burned in a contained area. Tragic CO related accidents have taken place in automobiles, but your home is the culprit most known for omitting CO fumes without obvious reasons. Your stove, grills, fireplaces, or furnaces could all be omitting CO fumes, and you wouldn’t know. This is why scheduling an annual check on your smoke/CO detectors is vital to your health. While smaller amounts of CO are ultra harmful, it’s the larger amounts of Carbon Monoxide that can overcome you in minutes without warning, causing you to lose consciousness and eventually suffocate. This unfortunately, is what happens in a lot of cases, like the tragedy that took the family this morning in Maryland.

What are the symptoms of CO poisoning?

Common symptoms of CO poisoning: “flu-like” symptoms keep most people from going to the doctor immediately, and that’s what makes this situation so much more deadly. Things like: headaches, mental confusion, chest pain, vomiting, weakness, dizziness are among the initial sensations. Rather be safe than sorry, so please do not wait  once you have these symptoms, as some people are killed before they are able to make it to the emergency room. Even with the smallest amount of CO, could be deadly.

Who is at risk from CO poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide can kill just about anyone, in any condition. Those with chronic heart diseases, anemia, or breathing problems are more susceptible however, as well as elderly people, and infants. “Every year, more than 400 Americans die from CO poisoning not linked to fires, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized.” ( The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Spring Maintenance Tips, from the pros!

After a cold and gloomy winter, spring seems too good to be true – an incredible breath of fresh air. With its warmth comes bright light, showing you exactly what areas of your home need some TLC after 4-5 months of freezing temperatures. We’ve rounded out a list of our favorite seasonal tricks, how to scope out any potential problem areas, and how to keep that “curb appeal!”

  • Your gutters are a vital part of your home, By checking for leaking or loose gutters, you can prevent future water damage (unless you like your basement wet!) Make sure your downspouts are facing away from your home, and are clear of leaves, soil, or mulch.
  • Make sure your roof is intact by checking for any loose or semi-attached shingles, it’s common to lose some along with any snowstorms or heavy snowfall during the winter. By the same token, intense sun exposure can also damage your shingle foundation. Although it seems like a huge hassle, shingles that are loose, cracked, or disfigured at all need to be replaced immeadiately, and are essential to a healthy roof.
  • By checking your outside faucets for any freezing that could have taken place during those winter months, you will be able to gauge any damage that would need your immediate attention. First, turn on your water, and if you are able to stop the flow of water with your thumb, then it is likely the pipe is damaged and will need to be replaced. If you want to do a thorough inspection of your exterior system, check the garden hose for any dry rot.
  • How often do you have your HVAC unit cleaned? Make sure you are having a annual check-up to insure it’s quality, by cleaning your coils and changing your filters, your system will operate more efficiently without any problems.
  • Check both your gas and battery-powered lawn equipment to make sure it is ready for the grueling use during the summer months, this will make your yardwork easier!



Your poor garbage disposal, make sure you treat it well!

How is it working?

imagesIt’s hard to imagine a world without a working kitchen, even harder to imagine a world without a working garbage disposal. Using it’s features to dispose of food keeps a home much more pleasant, free of odors and debris. As a matter of fact, garbage disposals are good at keeping unhealthful bacteria at bay, leaving you with a clean kitchen area in which to prepare food. By turning on your water, and with a flick of a switch, you’ll never know that dinner was ready in the first place.

Be ready!

An effective garbage disposal could endure for a number of years,as long as the right owner maintains it, when in good shape it could last you up to ten years. There are a few tricks to keep things at bay, and with our help, you will be disposal savvy in no time.

#1: Absolutely positively ALWAYS run the water in your sink when using the disposal. Water works to push any food down into the disposal, alongside the drain. Hot water dissolves oil, which you need for a truly healthy disposal, so we usually recommend using cooler water.

#2: NEVER put glass, plastic, or metal down the disposal. Other items with harder exteriors should be thrown in the trash bin, only soft items down the disposal. Some examples are: pits of fruits or vegetables, hard seafood bits, cornhusks, banana peels, etc. Basically, If a baby cannot eat it, then don’t put it down the drain!

If you accidentally toss one of these items into your disposal, you will notice immediately, as it will cause a buildup, and will leave you with a serious problem. if you find yourself in this predicament, rush ice cubes down your disposal.

images (1) If the item is big enough, you could try using a flashlight and a pair of tongs to grab it. Hopefully that helps!