Limited Lifetime Guarantee

At Michael & Son, we believe you should live worry free in your home. That’s why we proudly back the majority of our plumbing repairs with our industry leading limited lifetime Guarantee.

Our no frills, gimmick free guarantee is covered by every repair done by a certified Michael & Son technician because we stand behind every job. Our limited lifetime guarantee is backed by over 38 years of experience and our reputation for quality work.

So relax and live worry free with Michael & Son!

Drain Cleaning in Baltimore, MD


Michael & Son provides expert solutions and uses advanced equipment for clogged drains. Our highly qualified service crews have the experience and equipment to clear out clogged drains in residential homes and commercial buildings. Consider us your go-to source for drain cleaning in Baltimore, MD.

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Common Causes of Clogged Drains
Is your bathroom sink clogged up? Does your toilet overflow much more frequently than it should? Let our drain cleaning specialists come inspect your drains and plumbing system to find out what the problem is. There are numerous causes for clogged drains. Soap scum, hair, and dirt often accumulate in bathroom sinks and shower drains. When these substances coagulate together, it can cause a major blockage that requires professional assistance to remove.

Old pies tend to suffer from clogging more than newly installed piping. That is because over time, grime and other types of debris build up inside the piping. When this buildup becomes too large, it can stop the flow of water entirely. Kitchen sinks and disposal units also suffer from similar issues due to excess grease and bits of food.

The best way to avoid drainage problems is by schedule maintenance calls with our plumbers on a regular basis. We offer highly effective preventative services to clear out drains and prevent potential damage to the piping. The first thing to do is inspect your drainage system. This ensures that all the parts, fittings, and piping are in good condition. It also allows us to locate the source of the problem, whether it is a tree root, misaligned pipe, or a collapse line. We are able to restore drains and plumbing systems that suffer from any of the following issues:

  • Cracked, Collapsed, Broken Pipes
  • Clogged or Blocked Pipes
  • Corroded Old Pipes
  • Leaking Sewer Pipe Seals
  • Bellied Sewer Pipe
  • Tree Roots in Sewer Line
  • Substandard Piping Material

Dependable Solutions for All Your Drain Problems

When you need drain cleaning services, turn to our highly trained team of plumbers. We treat clogs located in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. Our company also clears out mainline blockages. It is important to treat blockages in the mainline quickly, since they can severely damage your home drainage system if left alone. This leads to more costly repairs, and potentially the need to replace your sewer and water lines entirely.

Using top-of-the-line equipment we are able to tackle clogged drains of every kind. We employ technicians capable of diagnosing the cause of a blockage quickly and determining what the most cost-effective solution is. With our assistance, not only will your sinks will drain properly, your entire plumbing system will operate smoothly.

Contact us today to take of your drainage problems fast.