Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Fairfax VA

Are you wasting money on heating your home this year? Is it costing you more than it ever has in the past? If there has been a big upswing in cost, you may need services concerning heating repair Fairfax. There could be a problem with your furnace that is making it less efficient, burning up more fuel and raising your monthly bills.


Before you keep throwing away money on your heating costs, please contact us at Michael & Son Services. We can take a look at the HVAC system, figure out what needs to be repaired, and then do the necessary work. The heating and air conditioning repair Fairfax residents have gotten from us in the past has been able to get their HVAC systems working properly in short order.

Heat Pump Repair Fairfax: Common Issues

As you decide if you need to hire us for repairs or not, you should consider some of the most common furnace repairs in Fairfax VA. These jobs include:

  • Ducts and vent cleaning
  • Replacing the flame sensor
  • Replacing the pressure switch
  • Installing a new control board
  • Fixing interior wiring and tubing

We will need to see your furnace to know for certain what has to be done, of course, since every job is different, but we have found that heating repair Fairfax usually falls into one of those categories.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Fairfax: Our Professionalism

Now you know that you need repair work to be done, but you still have to choose a company to do it. We believe that you should choose us because of our five core qualities, which are:

  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Service
  • Courtesy
  • Excellence

When you hire one of our technicians, he or she will be professionally certified, dedicated to doing the job the right way, and willing to provide the services that you need. Your technician will also be courteous, keeping the job site clean, and the work will be excellent so that the repairs last.

How Can You Contact Us?

For heat pump repair Fairfax or anything else you might need you can contact us at any time just by calling (800) 948-6453.