The Ever Increasing Need

The Michael & Son Cares Program is off to a great start this year by helping families all across Virginia, Maryland and D.C. As the number of households with financial difficulties increases, so does the volume of applicants for the Cares Program. This year, the Michael & Son Cares Program is focusing on families with disabled children who are  [ Read More ]

Rescued from the Cold

  Could you imagine having no heat, A/C or hot water for a month? What about a year? For most of us, a day without any of our basic necessities is barely tolerable. However, for the Austin family of Washington, D.C., living without basic necessities was just a way  of life. While many dream of new cars, vacations and money,  [ Read More ]

Against All Odds – Rebecca’s Story

Helping Hands, the TV series documenting the work of the “Michael & Son Cares Program”, is returning to the air, Saturday, May 10th at 10:00am on NBC4, with more inspiring stories of a local business and their passion for community service. With a focus on helping the families of children with disabilities and illnesses, the Michael & Son Cares Program  [ Read More ]

The History of the Cares Program

Michael & Son Services continues to give back to the community through its “Michael & Son Cares Program”. In the last few months we have received hundred of applications from people all over VA, MD and DC who are in need of assistance with essential home repairs they can not afford. The popularity of the TV show “Helping Hands”, coupled  [ Read More ]

Ayden the Angel

 SHOW TIMES: WRC-NBC4 (Washington DC) Saturday 3/22 @ 10:00am WTVR-CBS6 (Richmond) Sunday 3/23 @ 11:35pm WVIR-NBC29 (Charlottesville) Sunday 3/23 @ 12pm WVEC-ABC13 (Norfolk) Sunday 3/23 @ 9am Ayden Wilkins is a young boy who’s had it hard from the start. Born premature and weighing only 1.5 pounds, Ayden spent a majority of his first year in the hospital under intensive care. Because of his under  [ Read More ]

Back to Triangle

 SHOW TIMES: WRC-NBC4 (Washington DC) Saturday 3/15 @ 10:00am WTVR-CBS6 (Richmond) Sunday 3/16 @ 11:35pm WVIR-NBC29 (Charlottesville) Sunday 3/16 @ 12pm WVEC-ABC13 (Norfolk) Sunday 3/9 @ 9am If you drive from the suburbs of D.C. and down through Northern Virginia, you’d hardly see any signs of the financial crisis that swept through the country. From the Mc Mansions of Fairfax and Arlington to the sprawling  [ Read More ]

The Cares Program – Warming Hearts & Homes

Deep in the heart of Redskins territory, a Philadelphia Eagles fan named Brandon sits in his wheelchair shivering, despite the two Kerosene heaters clunking away in opposite corners of the room. The heaters give off more fumes than warmth and with every labored breath he chokes and coughs. His mother Dawn sits on his bed wringing her hands and agonizing  [ Read More ]

A Call to Families in Need

    The Michael & Son Cares Program is currently seeking 14 families in D.C., M.D. and V.A. area who are in need of essential home repairs. With a focus on helping families of children with disabilities, the Michael & Son Cares Program is beginning its 2014 community initiative by launching a call to families in need and asking they  [ Read More ]

Rescued from the Summers Heat

When Eileen Pioli was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer she thought things could not get any worse, a single mother of three children with disabilities, including severe autism, Eileen could not stand another disaster. Then, in the dead of summer, disaster struck in the form of a broken A/C unit. “I woke up one morning to a sweltering hot  [ Read More ]

Helping Hands Returns

When a Richmond special needs educator and single mother Debra Greene discovered she had sewer and septic issues, she did not know where to turn. With three children and a constantly rising cost of living, Debra had to choose between a costly home repair and providing essentials for her family. As time went on, the problem continued to worsen. After  [ Read More ]