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Quality Water Treatment in Bethesda, MD

Clean, pure water is vital to a well-running home. You need clean water for that energizing pot of coffee in the morning, that invigorating shower, glass of water, toilet flush, washing machine – and so much more. Yet, it’s so common that our water is less than pure, or may taste like chlorine more than you’d like.

Many of us turn to pricey sink and pitcher water filters to get the clean, clear water we’re looking for. Here at Michael & Son services, we’re experts on water treatment in Bethesda, MD. We’re equipped to do a whole home filtration service for you, ensuring your water is rid of most impurities like chlorine and fluoride.

Benefits of Bethesda Water Treatment

  • Environmentally-friendly Water Treatment: We pride ourselves on using state of the art “green” filtration techniques to bring great tasting water into your home. Our system uses no electricity or salt to help you save electricity and conserve the environment.
  • Affordability: As with all Michael & Son services, we want to help you and your family save money. Our system is a 3-in-1 solution that replaces all tap, fridge, and jug filters, as well as water softeners. We also treat every ounce of water in your home, so no water is wasted.
  • Easy Maintenance: Isn’t it a pain to have to replace water filters each month? Our Bethesda water treatment services feature no monthly filters to replace.
  • Anti-Scale Technology: This can be installed immediately after the pressure tank of water meter, and treats all water used in your home.

Michael & Son is a leader in water treatment in Bethesda, MD – and for good reason. We’ve worked with many a homeowner to improve their family’s water quality and reduce costs for the long-term. We all know that drinking several glasses of water each day is important in a healthy lifestyle, but if that water just doesn’t taste good due to excess chlorine, fluoride, or other contaminants, it can make it difficult to get that adequate amount of water in your daily diet. Choose Michael & Son Bethesda water filtration services to get clean water right at the point where it enters your home, extending throughout your sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, bath tubs, toilets, and more.

Learn more about our Bethesda water treatment services – give us a call at 800-948-MIKE (6453) to schedule an appointment and get to know our expert team of water filtration consultants. We’ll be on hand to help your family have clean, great-tasting water.

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