Aluminum Siding in Washington, DC

Updating the appearance and durability of your home is simpler when you work with the window and siding contractor at Michael & Son. Our company in Washington, DC, helps commercial and residential property owners redefine their spaces while also making smart investments towards building improvements. We are your source for new aluminum siding that elevates the resiliency and aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether you wish to revitalize old surfaces or want to steer your exterior design in a new direction, we are here to help you realize your goals.

Aluminum Siding Washington, DCThe Aluminum Advantage

Aluminum siding has long been a fixture in many homes. By combining sensible durability with adaptable aesthetic appeal, this construction material is still a great addition to any property. Strength and longevity are readily recognizable with aluminum. Due to its metal composition, aluminum is non-porous. Stains, moisture, and mildew have a hard time sticking to metal surfaces. At the same time, it is unaffected by changes in the temperature, which can lead to savings on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Aluminum is also fireproof, meaning that it won’t attract direct flames or feed to a blaze. As such, homeowners that have properties in close proximity with neighbors may want to consider this resilient siding material. Through fires and storms, aluminum stands tall

When properly installed and maintained, aluminum can protect properties for decades. In addition, it is highly customizable with paint to add an additional layer of wear-resistance and beauty. Our siding contractors can guide you through the remodeling process. With many different color combinations available, aluminum is flexible enough to allow for a wealth of exterior design possibilities.

The Direct Approach to Aluminum Siding Replacement

Revitalize your old installation with an aluminum siding replacement. Metal-based fixtures resist rot and pest with ease, while also protect your property from the harsh, everyday effects of the elements. When you invest in a siding replacement project, you open up a great opportunity to turn an old property into a new and inviting space on the block. You can count on our contractors to give your home or office a new lease on life–all within your schedule and budget.

Aluminum Siding Installation by an Experienced Team

Bring out the beauty of your property with the help of a company you can trust. Our team provides thorough aluminum siding installation services. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in conducting remodeling projects. We listen to your concerns and offer lasting solutions so that you uphold the appeal and strength of your building.

As remodeling contractors, we recognize the importance of unifying durability with aesthetic appeal. To that end, we are also available to replace and install new window frames to coordinate with your siding. Invest in your home and count on us to deliver results you can see.

Contact us to request an estimate for aluminum siding. We proudly serve property owners throughout the Washington, DC, area, including Maryland and northern Virginia.

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