Here in Northern Virginia, we look forward to enjoying the fall season. Whether it’s changing leaves on Skyline Drive, pumpkin picking in Centreville, football in Landover, family gatherings, and more pumpkin spice flavored foods than you probably wanted are fall staples in our area. Electrical safety for your home should be equally as important! As we get into a season filled with yard work and holiday decorations, it is important to think about the electrical safety of your home’s exterior. Let’s take a look at some precautions to keep in mind this season.


When working outside as the days get shorter, keeping your work area well-lit should be a top priority. The beginning of fall is the perfect time to check your outdoor light fixtures to ensure they are functioning properly. Check all of your light bulbs to make sure they are intact and functioning. If you will be spending more time outside in the evenings, consider calling Michael & Son Services to have a licensed professional electrician to install landscape lighting. This can offer ambiance along with added security.


When it comes to decorating, you’ll most likely want to hang things in higher places on the exterior of your home. Before cleaning your gutters, hanging decorations or replacing bulbs, be sure to spot out any hanging electrical lines or wires. Colliding with these lines while on or off the ladder can be dangerous and pose a risk to others nearby.


To prepare for upcoming winter storms or a severe windy days, test your generators to ensure that your backup power is working. Make sure that there are no branches touching the power lines, which could potentially cause a power outage. If you do have branches interfering with the power lines, call your power company and they will trim the branches at no cost.


Be sure to test your outside outlets and keep them clear of any leaves and other debris. Each outlet should be properly covered to protect from outside elements. Consider installing new GFCI outlets if your existing outlets are old or have any issues. Do not use outlets if they regularly trip your circuit breaker or trip a fuse.

Extension Cords

As we approach the holidays, extension cords will get plenty of use, inside and outside. Keep in mind that they should only be used for a short period of time and should not be run under carpets or rugs due to the risk of overheating. Be sure to use the proper extension cord to safely carry the load of the device you are powering. If you are using extension cords outside, make sure they are weather rated.

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