The garbage disposal is one of the simplest but most improperly used appliances in the home. When used correctly, a garbage disposal can last for decades and prevent plumbing issues not related to the disposal. However, a disposal that is not properly operated or maintained can result in leaks, clogs and even pipe bursts.Today, we will be going over the function, maintenance, and proper use of garbage disposal. Let’s start with what can and cannot go into the disposal:


Never Put the Following in Your Disposal:

Grease – Many people don’t know it, but grease can wreak havoc on not only your garbage disposal but the rest of your homes plumbing as well.

Hot Water – When using the grinder, do not use hot water. Hot water will liquefy grease, causing build up that will eventually result in a clog. Garbage disposal water should always be cold

Combustibles – Grinding combustibles can result in damage, fire, injury and death.

Potato Peels – When mixed with water and mashed up, potato peels form a thick paste like substance that can gum up the works of your disposal and cause clogs.

Expandable Foods – Foods like pasta and rice expand when submerged in water. Even after being grinded down, they can still cause clogs.

Large Bones – Grinding large animal bones can cause damage to the grinder blades and clog pipes.


Pasta expands and can cause clogs. Never put pasta in your disposal.

Pasta expands and can cause clogs. Never put pasta in your disposal.


Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Dish Soap – While running cold water through the disposal, add a small amount of regular dish soap. Let the water run for 15 min or until bubbles stop forming.

Regular Use – Run your disposal frequently, even if you do not use it often. Running the disposal and cold water for a few minutes a week prevents rust, corrosion and will prolong the life of your disposal.

Odor Control – Your disposal deals with some pretty nasty stuff. Grinding up Citrus fruit peels will help keep foul odors under control.

Running Water – Always run cold water while using the disposal and never use hot water (see above).

Small Bones – Grinding up small bones can actually help maintain your disposal. As the bone is broken up into smaller particles, the bone shrapnel bouncing around will clean the inside of the disposal by loosening waste stuck to the walls.

Ice Cubes – Every month, grind up around 10 to 20 normal sized ice cubes. This will help sharpen the blades, break down grease and clean hard to reach areas as it melts down the drain.



Always run water cold water while using your disposal

Always run water cold water while using your disposal

Maintaining your garbage disposal is as simple as not using it incorrectly. While a properly used garbage disposal will usually give you years of trouble free service, problems can arise. Although a disposal is simple in function and operation, it is also connected to both the homes electrical and plumbing services. Unless you are experienced, should any problems arise, it’s always best to call a pro. At Michael & Son, we install and service all major brands of garbage disposals and usually have the brand you want right on the truck. Call Michael & Son today for all your plumbing needs. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube page to find out about special offers, upcoming events and much more!