When it comes to choosing a plumber, many of us treat it like ordering a pizza; the concern is with what’s being delivered, rather than who is delivering. If you are one of those people, stop and think for a minute about how personal a visit from a plumber really is. Knowing how to choose a plumber should not be a quick decision. Here are a few points to put it in perspective.

Stranger in Your Home – When you call a plumber, you are essentially inviting a stranger, usually with considerable physical strength, into your home and around your family.

Potential to Cause Damage – Without doing your due diligence, you have no idea how competent the plumber is. For all you know, he/she could be learning on the job and using your house as practice.

Guarantee – Many times a plumber will tell you he has a guarantee, but unless it’s in writing, it’s practically worthless.

Materials – Without proper research, you won’t know what type of materials the plumber is using or if they are being properly installed.

Honesty – If you have chosen a “fly by night” plumber, you might end up paying for repairs that were never needed or even worse, never actually completed. Always consider this: does the plumber have an incentive to tell the truth or lie?

As you can see, there is a lot at risk when a plumber is picked at random. So, how can you ensure that the plumber you have selected is the right one? The easiest way is to call a reputable plumber who is well known in your area. Michael & Son handles the research end so you don’t have to. Here are some things about our plumbers that set us apart:

Know how to choose a plumber from Michael and Son

Background Check and Drug Screens – Michael & Son Services conducts thorough background checks for each plumber hired and requires pre-employment and post employment random drug tests.

Extensive Interview Process – At Michael & Son, interviews are a long process. Each potential candidate must meet with a variety of managers and HR representatives. The interview process culminates in a screening discussion with the owner himself.

Licensed and Bonded – All Michael & Son technicians are licensed and bonded in the state of their employment. This is a requirement of all Michael & Son technicians.

Warrantied Work – Michael & Son Services stands behind its work and offers a guarantee for all jobs big and small.

Quality Materials – Michael & Son Services only uses the best products from companies like Ferguson and Carrier. All products used by Michael & Son carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

Emailed Profiles – Once you have booked your appointment with Michael & Son, you will receive an email confirmation. Along with the confirmation is a picture and short bio of your technician. That way, you know who to expect when the technician is at your door.

For most people, their families and homes are their most important assets. Don’t put what means most in the hands of a stranger, call a company that you can trust– call Michael & Son. Remember, Michael & Son can handle all your home care needs and more. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check in with us every week for more home care tips. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our YouTube page and find out about special offers, upcoming events and much more!