The Big Game

If you watched last night’s Big Game all the way through, you might have felt a bit…underwhelmed. While the New England Patriots were able to pull of their 6th Championship Title, most of the game was seemingly lackluster (unless the longest punt in history gets you riled up). While some watch the Big Game for the football, and others for the food – we all know those folks who are watching strictly to see which brands can come up with the most entertaining commercials.

Producing A Commercial

Surely every commercial worthy of the Big Game needs months of planning, finding talent, scheduling video shoots, filming, editing, and producing right? Not so fast. There was no plan to produce a spot for this year’s big game until Monday of last week. With only 6 days before the big game, Michael & Son secured their spots with their local CBS affiliates with a 48 hour submission deadline.

While this seemed challenging at first, we knew what we had to get done in order to make things happen and get our videos produced in time for the media submission deadline on Friday at 12:00 noon. With the help of our friends over at ESB Advertising and Gearshift Studios, we got straight to work to start drawing up a plan.

“No pressure, right?  We’ve worked with tighter deadlines” said General Manager, Lou Rizkallah.

“We were in the process of wrapping up our 2019 advertising packages and it just so happened that we came to an agreement this past Monday,  which included a spot in the Super Bowl. Literally that night, I drove up to our Headquarters in Alexandria, VA  with my son and started coordinating to shoot two ideas I had with our marketing department.  Literally the next day, we were in the studio filming and editing up till our 5 pm deadline on Thursday.  With the pass interference spot, we wanted to poke fun at the absurdity of the situation and took a satirical approach to the commercial with the goofy football players to the oblivious referee.  Bird box was a no-brainer, probably the most viral meme right now.  We used my son and our camera guy’s daughter as the child actors and had a blast putting this all together last minute.”
The result? Not one but two 15-second commercials were filmed, edited, and produced in less than a week. A special thank you goes out to everyone who helped this project come to completion in such a short time.



How did the viewing audience receive these commercials? Check out some of the tweets we received during the game last night below!

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