Each year on Presidents’ Day, the George Washington’s Birthday Parade is held in Historic Old Town Alexandria. On the third Monday in February, thousands of participants fill the streets to enjoy the music, food and festivities. With this year’s 70 degree temperatures, the crowd size was one of the largest turnouts the parade has ever seen! The most anticipated event during the parade is the float pageant where local businesses, schools, churches and dozens of other organizations pull their creative resources to create amazing floats for the parade.

This year, we at Michael & Son Services decided to try our hand at float building for the first time. Michael & Son employees and their families all pitched in to create, build, and assemble the float for the parade. Our marketing team gathered together to design the Michael & Son hands out of chicken wire and colored tissue paper to be paired with the tools of the trades Michael & Son provides as a service. After a week of hard work, the float was completed and ready for the parade route! Towed by a large truck filled with employees tossing out t-shirts and beads into the crowed, the Michael & Son float was a big hit. We are proud to announce that Michael & Son Services was awarded First Place for best float in the Parade! Thank you to everyone who helped us and worked very hard to make this parade possible. Check out the pictures below!

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DSC_0480DSC_0548 DSC_0547DSC_0545