Spring is in the Air!

Unfortunately, the harbinger of this beautiful season is a pesky light-yellow substance that leaves us scrambling for our allergy medications. Far from fairy dust, pollen wreaks havoc on immune systems, creating symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, runny noses and sore throats.

Fortunately, for allergy sufferers, there are ways to defend against the stubborn yellow substance beyond the allergy aisle. Proper care of your home’s HVAC system can ensure that uninvited particulates are promptly filtered out. Below are suggestions that will render your home a safe haven from pollen and spring allergens.

Pollen and allergen solutions from Michael & Son:

Duct Cleaning: air ducts are the lungs of your home’s HVAC system. If dirt, dust or allergens find their way into your duct system, they will eventually make their way into the air your family breathes. A thorough duct cleaning will ensure the air that circulates throughout your home is pollen-free. According to HVAC experts, ducts should be cleaned, on average, every five years to ensure optimum air quality.

Duct Sealing: Oftentimes, there are small holes left in duct systems as a result of imperfect installation. The holes allow dust and allergens to enter your duct system, and ultimately, the air in your home. A thorough duct cleaning and sealing guarantees that pollen cannot permeate the lungs of your home’s ventilation system.

Air Filtration: As an extra safeguard, a media air filter can be installed in the return of your duct system to catch pollen and other particulates. This filter, about four to five inches thick, creates a substantive barrier for pollen and dust. Because of its thickness, fewer particles are able to pass through into your home.

Condenser Clearing: Pollen can still affect allergy sufferers even after the conclusion of its peak season. The condenser in your cooling unit may have trapped or collected it during its heaviest weeks, making it possible for residual grains to enter your home. Michael & Son recommends a thorough condenser cleaning after spring allergy season has concluded, just to ensure that any remnants don’t sneakily find their way into the air your family breathes.

Michael & Son Services is proud to offer duct cleaning, duct sealing, air filtration products, and condenser cleaning services. Enlist Michael & Son’s licensed, expert HVAC technicians in your battle against spring allergy season.

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