Does the temperature in your home fluctuate from room to room? Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat in your home but never achieving an evenly heated or cooled home? For many people, the upstairs portion of the home is most troublesome and it’s usually attributed to the fact that heat rises. While this is true and many times a simple attic fan can remedy the issue, it many not always be such an easy fix. If this sounds like your home, HVAC system zoning might be the answer for you.


How it Works

Zoning your home’s HVAC system is simple but extremely effective. Zoning works by using multiple thermostats that operate dampers within the ducts forced air system. In a nutshell, zoning lets you choose where the air goes. for instance, if your home’s bedrooms are on the top portion of the home, simply close the dampers to the lower levels when they are no longer in use and redirect the to the bedrooms. This process is easily completed with the push of a button; if you can adjust the temperature on your traditional thermostat, you can work operate the zoning control panel.


Aside from making your home more comfortable, zoning can also save you money on your monthly power bill. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, zoning can save you up to 30% on your overall energy cost. Because zoning allows you to send the air where you want it to go, your unit works less to cool or heat your home. As a result, your home’s HVAC system will last longer and require less maintenance.

Experienced Professional

As we have learned, zoning has many benefits that range from personal comfort to saving money; both of which can have a significant impact on your day to day life. However, if the zoning system is not properly installed, it will not work as designed. Like most home improvement projects that go wrong, the homeowner is stuck with the frustration and cost of a system that does not work. That’s why choosing a reputable HVAC contractor experienced with zoning systems is very important. Michael & Son Services is the area’s leader in not only HVAC but home repairs in general. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about Michael & Son Services HVAC services. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and subscribe to ourYouTube page to find out about upcoming events, special events and much more!