Of all the appliances in our home, the toilet might be the most resilient. They are an absolute essential for all of us and are used everyday; in fact there is a good chance you are reading this while sitting on one. Toilets can last for years without any noticeable issues and sometimes even wear. Despite the toilets enduring nature, there are plenty of good reasons to replace an old toilet.


The best reason to replace an old but working toilet is to maximize water efficiency. Old toilets can have small cracks and leaks you may not see, which in turn can drastically effect your water bill. Also, older toilets use nearly twice the amount of water as modern high efficiency models.

Worn Parts

Many older toilets work but have a quirk that requires a trick to flush or stop it from running. Jiggling the handle or having to old it down longer than usual are common issues with older toilets. These are indications of a problem with the mechanisms under the tank. Although plumbers can rebuild old toilets, its less expensive and more convenient to have it replaced.

Firm Foundation

A toilet that is not on a solid foundation and has some movement to it could cause serious issues. Any leaks coming from the base of the toilet can rot the floor underneath, resulting in problems with your foundation. If your toilet rocks back and forth, call a plumber immediately to prevent any possible water damage.

Change is Good

Most people would be surprised by the advances in toilet technology that have occurred over the last decade. Smart toilets can sense types of waste and use water accordingly, adjust height and even play downloaded music. Those features are a bit much for most of us, but are available for those that want to enhance their experience. If you are just looking for aesthetics and a more efficient upgrade, there are plenty of options available.

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