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Water Heater Deal:

  • PRV Deal Now when you have a new PRV valve installed, you will receive 50% OFF a Main Water Valve Replacement.
  • If your water is currently over 80 PSI this simple repair could save you hundreds of dollars every year via reduced water, sewer and energy bills.

Free Water Testing

Are you concerned with the quality of your water? Do you ever smell chlorine in your water and wish you didn’t?

A Whole Home Carbon Filter soaks up contaminants like a sponge and lasts up to 20 years  . Ask about our free water testing.

Michael and Son Carbon

Filters – Taste the Difference

New Water Heater Standards

As of April 16, 2015, all water heaters manufactured must meet new Energy Factor (EF) ratings. An EF is a ratio that compares useful energy output to operational energy input. The most stringent of these new requirements apply to gas water heaters above 55 gallons which must have an EF of at least .74. Although this is good news for the environment, the changes are going to be very costly, especially for those of you with heaters like the one pictured above which is a 75 gallon atmospheric vent model that will no longer be manufactured. After April 16, 2015, these units will need to be replaced with heaters that utilize condensing technology. This will require the installation of a new vent line, an electrical outlet and a condensate drain. The installation of a new vent line will involve drilling a hole thru an exterior wall and likely the removal of drywall in finished basements.

Carbon Filtration is Suggested for City Water. Clean drinking water is a critical element of a healthy life for you and your family. Activated carbon removes impurities, chemicals and contaminants from your water.

These contaminants include;

• Volatile Organic Compounds

• Herbicides and Pesticides

• Chlorine, Chloramine and Radon

• Most Man-Made Chemicals

Many of these contaminates are absorbed whist showering or bathing—something buying bottle water cannot prevent. A whole house Carbon Filter produces bottle quality results for cooking, showering and drinking from every tap in your home. The water authority uses chemicals to treat for bacteria and ensure a pH above 7. This results in the creation of several carcinogenic byproducts. Our carbon filters create safe water and last up to 20 years.

Water heaters have a recommended life of 10 years. The first four digits of a water heater’s serial number found on the data plate normally is its manufactured date. The gallon capacity of your water heater can also be found on this data plate. If the pipe rising from the top center of your heater is metal, you have an atmospheric vent model. Homeowners with 75 gallon atmospheric vent water heaters over 10 years old that wish to postpone the additional installation cost of a condensing unit must replace their heater prior to April 16, 2015.

Water Pressure and Why It Matters

Excessive water pressure can waste hundreds of dollars a year via increased water and sewer bills. High water pressure also causes water hammering and the premature failure of all your plumbing fixtures including your water heater, dishwasher, toilets and ice maker.

Water is delivered to your home at high pressure since it needs to reach the outlying homes in your community. Plumbing code requires that the pressure inside your home be below 80 PSI, however, to maximize savings it should be adjusted to between 50 and 60 PSI.

If you suspect that your water pressure is too high, you should have it checked by a qualified professional. If it is too high, a new Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) may need to be installed. The cost of this new valve is minor compared to what it will save you in the long run.