We feel the exact same way you do, we love saving money. We want to make sure we’re getting a good value for our money, and feeling that instant gratification after a service well received. We love that feeling of accomplishing a complicated task on our home, making our husbands or wives happy, showing off to your kids or friends that come over. “Hey, yeah, I did that!” We get it, it feels good to do things yourself, to feel talented and handy – but there comes a time in everyone’s life, where some jobs just require a professional.

Our techs are the top in the industry, period. While completing your project, fixing your home repair, they’re educating you on potential upkeep tips and tricks down the road. Our technicians walk you through every step taken, showing you whats being done. There’s no secret about our work, that’s why we’re the best!

When to Call?

Whatever you do, DON’T PANIC!

When your toilet is overflowing, or your pipe is spewing water, we are only a phone call away! Our technicians arrive promptly, trucks fully equipped with the essential tools and supplies needed to get your home back in tip top shape. There is nothing we hate more than a temporary fix, and we pride ourselves on providing accurate and thorough workmanship the first time, no need for multiple visits.

For almost 40 years, Michael and Son has provided top-notch work complete with exceptional customer service. We work hard to improve ourselves in the trade, and regularly offer training sessions for our staff so that they remain up to date on the latest advancements and products in the industry.

Basim Mansour and Sons on local job