Garbage Disposals in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Rock Hill

$50 Off Disposal Replacement Charlotte NCAt Michael & Son Charlotte, we can assist customers with all of their garbage disposal needs! From installation to maintenance, our skilled contractors have the expertise and knowledge needed to adequately service a garbage disposal of any brand or age. If you need assistance with garbage disposal installation or maintenance in Charlotte, contact us today!

Garbage Disposal Repair in Charlotte, Gastonia, & Rock Hill

Garbage disposals are commonly misused. They are designed to handle light food and residue, and will easily become clogged when overwhelmed with too much food waste.To help your garbage disposal enjoy years of trouble-free operation, do not put the following items down your drain or disposal:

No Grease. Never pour grease down your drains or into your disposal. Grease will collect and solidify, blocking plumbing fixtures and preventing the disposal from operating in a correct manner. Additionally, pouring grease down the drain pollutes the environment.

No Starchy or Stringy Materials. Starchy and stringy materials can also keep a garbage disposal from operating correctly. Fibrous foods, like rhubarb or celery, wrap around the blades and prevent the disposal from working properly. Starchy foods like potatoes accumulate around the disposal blades and degrade its efficiency.

No Pasta, Rice, and Eggshells. While these foods may seem disposal friendly, they are not. Rice and pasta absorb water and continually expand. Eventually, this constant expansion will block your plumbing and prevent your disposal from doing its job. Eggshells have a membrane that wraps around the blade of the disposal, prohibiting it from efficiently disposing of food waste.

If your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, contact Michael & Son Charlotte to gain access to a knowledgeable plumbing professional. We have extensive experience handling garbage disposal repair in Charlotte, working on a wide variety of different brands and models.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Rock Hill

If your garbage disposal is broken, we offer garbage disposal replacement in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. When selecting a new garbage disposal for your home, we can help you choose from many different models, styles, sizes, and brands. By choosing a properly sized garbage disposal, you are helping to ensure that your disposal works properly and may be minimizing the need for frequent garbage disposal repairs. To request a quote for garbage disposal repair or replacement services, contact the experienced plumbers at Michael & Son Charlotte.

Call Michael & Son Charlotte for garbage disposal repair and replacement services. Ask us about our special offers, including $50 off your garbage disposal replacement. We proudly serve Charlotte, Gastonia, Salisbury, Concord, and Matthews NC, and Rock Hill SC.

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