Heavy Ups in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Rock Hill

$150 Off Panel Changes Charlotte NCIt’s no mystery that older homes are typically unable to handle the electrical needs of modern day families. In today’s world, homes need up to 200 amps to correctly operate modern flat-screen televisions, appliances, computers, and other electronics. If your older home isn’t wired to handle large amounts of electricity, contact Michael & Son Charlotte.

A “heavy up” refers to the act of increasing the amperage of a household or commercial property. With heavy ups in Charlotte, an older home will have the power necessary for modern families. In most cases, panel upgrades in Charlotte are a major task, requiring an electrician to replace old and outdated electrical panels. If you’re ready to increase the power at your home, contact our electricians for heavy ups in Charlotte, Gastonia, Rock Hill, and other nearby communities today!

Panel Changes in Charlotte NC — Gastonia NC — Rock Hill SC

Your electrical panel directs all of the electrical power at your house. Whether powering your appliances or your water heater, your home relies on your electrical panels. Although people often confuse the terms electrical panel and fuse box, these terms are not the same.

Fuse boxes are more dangerous and less reliable than electrical panels. Homes with fuse boxes are at 3 times the risk of fire than those with more modern electrical panels. Fuse boxes are simply not designed to handle modern electrical needs. If you have an outdated fuse box and are looking for panel upgrades in Charlotte, contact Michael & Son Charlotte today!

Panel Upgrades in the Charlotte Area

Are you wondering if it’s time to replace or upgrade your electrical panels? Many business owners are unaware that they are operating with insufficient electrical support for their modern day businesses. A steady increase of electronic use and energy consumption means that outdated commercial electrical systems can become overloaded.

If you’ve recently remodeled your home or added a new bedroom or bathroom to your home, you may need panel upgrades. In Charlotte, our electricians will replace or upgrade your panels in Charlotte to meet your home’s increasing electrical demands. Contact us today for panel upgrades in Charlotte, Gastonia, or Rock Hill—or surrounding communities.

At Michael & Son Charlotte, we provide our customers with panel upgrades, changes, and heavy ups in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We proudly serve Charlotte, Gastonia, Salisbury, Concord, and Matthews NC, and Rock Hill SC.

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