Drain Cleaning in Charlottesville, VA

maindraincleanTry as you might, you can’t completely prevent clogged and dirty drains. Even the cleanest house will have the occasional obstructed drain. So if your home’s drains are starting to flume slowly or not at all contact Michael and Son and let us know that you need drain cleaning in Charlottesville.

Power Drain Clean

Drains are plumbing fixtures that flume away unwanted water. Whether the drain is on the bottom of your pool or in your sink, drains must be operational and completely free of obstructions. This sounds self-evident. However, after years of removing your waste water and the materials the waste water carries with it, a homeowner shouldn’t be too surprised to see a collection of foreign objects such as toys, hair, and grease in a plumbing system.

Thankfully, if you need drain cleaning in Charlottesville our professional team of plumbers can assist you. We have powerful and safe techniques that will effectively clear your drains of even the most stubborn obstructions. From clumped up hair to pounds of grease, we handle all types of Charlottesville drain cleaning.

Charlottesville Clogged Drains

Drains have existed for centuries and with the first drains came the first clogs—and the first professional plumbers. Surprisingly, not much has changed in several millennia. Sure, pipes are now manufactured from safer materials than lead, but the need for reliable and skilled plumbing services is still just as important now as it was thousands of years ago to the ancient Romans, Persians, and Chinese.

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If your home or property has clogged drains in Charlottesville, contact Michael and Son. We treat our customers’ drains as if they were the drains in our very homes, combining the principles of antiquity with the proven methods of the 21st century. Whether your pipes are PVC, iron, fiberglass, concrete, or plastic, you can contact us to quickly and affordably take care of all of your clogged drains in Charlottesville.

Our techniques, cleaning solutions, and unclogging methods utilize the industry’s safest and most effective practices, which result in drains that are no longer clogged, blocked up, or draining at a glacial pace. For drain cleaning in Charlottesville, contact Michael and Son. We have been unclogging and cleaning drains for over 30 years! We service Charlottesville and all Albemarle County.

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