Heavy Ups in Charlottesville, VA

panelchangeIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that older homes were not built to handle the electrical needs of modern day consumers. At one point, the average household only needed about 60 to 100 amps of electricity. However, a home in today’s world will need up to 200 amps to correctly operate flat screen televisions, computers, appliances, and other electronic devices. So if you have an older home that wasn’t wired to handle 200 amps of electricity contact Michael and Son for heavy ups in Charlottesville, VA. The term “heavy up” refers to the act of increasing the amperage coming into a household or commercial property.

This essential service is needed so that older homes will have the power necessary to run modern electronics. Typically, a heavy up upgrade is a relatively major undertaking as it requires an electrician to replace old and outdated service panels. When you’re ready to have the power you need for your home, contact us for heavy ups in Charlottesville. We also extend these services to nearby areas, including the entirety of Albemarle County.

Panel Changes in Charlottesville, VA

Your electrical panel directs the electrical power in your home. From your appliances to your lights and water heater, if it’s electrically powered then it relies on your electrical panel. The electrical panel in your home may incorrectly be referred to as a fuse box. While these terms are interchangeable among people who don’t have industry knowledge, the two couldn’t be more different.

For starters, fuse boxes have different circuitry that tends to be less reliable and more dangerous than that found in electrical panels. Outdated fuse boxes are still found in homes made before the 1970s and none are designed to handle modern electrical needs. So, if you have an outdated fuse box, contact Michael and Son for panel changes in Charlottesville.

More importantly, homes with fuse boxes installed are tripling the threat of electrical fires. This is especially true when compared to homes with modern electrical panels. Don’t risk burning your house down! Contact us today for panel changes in Charlottesville.

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Panel Upgrades in Charlottesville, VA

Have you recently remodeled your home? Have you added a new bathroom, bedroom, or extended your existing living space? If so, the structure may need panel upgrades. In Charlottesville, our electricians can replace and upgrade your electrical panel to effectively meet your home’s new electrical demands. Contact us today to get your panel upgrades in Charlottesville.

Michael and Son provides its customers with panel upgrades, panel changes, and heavy ups in Charlottesville. Our residential and commercial electricians upgrade electrical capacities in homes located in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

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