Rooter Service in Charlottesville, VA

The rooter is one of the most useful tools in a modern plumber’s arsenal. Before the rooter, the best means of unclogging a pipe was to dig up the pipe and hope to find the obstruction. This led to destroyed yards and was an inefficient practice at best. However, modern plumbers are equipped with rooters, which mean that the practice of digging and hoping for the best is no longer necessary.

$199 Drain Cleaning Charlottesville VARooters allow plumbers to access those hard to reach areas in a plumbing system. Whether the obstructed pipe is in your yard or inside your home, a rooter allows a plumber to safely and quickly identify and dislodge any obstructions in a plumbing system.

Michael and Son can provide comprehensive rooter service in Charlottesville and the surrounding communities. No matter what the obstruction may be, we guarantee our powerful rooters will eviscerate and pulverize it.

Our rooters are completely safe to use for any pipes or plumbing systems and can restore correct functionality without digging up your yard or damaging your plumbing systems.

Charlottesville Drain Rooter

Whether you call it a rooter, a snake, a hand auger, or a drain rooter, Michael and Son have skilled plumbers who are ready to assist you with all of your drain rooter needs. Our drain rooter in Charlottesville is a simple device that packs a lot of power. So when your plunger fails you, contact us for a professional plumber with professional tools.

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Our drain rooter in Charlottesville is safe to use on sinks, toilets, and even bathtubs and showers. Our powerful tool will remove plastic, clumps of debris, grease, and other hard to remove obstructions, such as encroaching tree roots and flushed baby toys, in a timely manner. Remember, you don’t have to deal with clogged plumbing systems and fixtures. Simply contact us and one of our highly skilled plumbers will assist you.

For comprehensive rooter service in Charlottesville, contact Michael and Son! From removing tree roots to eviscerating grease, if you have a blocked pipe we can assist you. Our rooter services are available to all the residents of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

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