Fan Installation in Baltimore, MD

One of the most cost-effective ways to keep the inside of your home comfortable all year long is with ceiling fans. At Michael & Son, we provide unbeatable value on fan installation in Baltimore, MD. Our team can recommend and install the right type of ceiling fans in areas of your home where they will work most efficiently.

The Many Uses of Ceiling Fans

If you want to maintain a comfortable home without constantly running your air conditioning system, you need to have a decent supply of ceiling fans. During the summer months, a ceiling fan is especially useful for providing you and your family with a nice indoor breeze. Since ceiling fans operate using a simple mechanism, they require very little electricity to use. That is why you can save money by using ceiling fans instead of setting your thermostat at an unnecessarily low temperature.

$50 Off Circuit InstallationWhile ceiling fans do not actually decrease the air temperature, the air flow makes a room feel cooler physically. A strategically placed ceiling fan will provide you with a constant source of comfort. The reduces the need to use your air conditioner as often, which in turn lowers your monthly utility bill.

Ceiling fans are also useful when the weather turns frigid. During the cold months of the year, you should reverse the direction your ceiling fan blades rotate. This prevents the hot air from rising, allowing the warmth to flow down to you. Whether it is the middle of the summer of the dead of winter, you can count on your ceiling fans to help maintain your indoor comfort while saving you money on your energy bills.

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Ceiling Fan Installation Baltimore MDWhy You Need Our Fan Installation Services

Fans are extremely useful in the house, however they must be installed correctly. Our technicians can do a quick inspection of your home to determine the ideal locations for new ceiling fans. We take careful measurements to ensure newly installed fans have the proper height and placement. Allowing us to handle the fan installation is also a smart way to guarantee that your new fans are securely attached and function properly.

Advantages of Attic Fans

Attic fans make the rooms in your home feel cool and comfortable. This is especially true for rooms located directly beneath the attic. These fans also help protect the attic itself. If you do not have an attic fan, the insulation in your attic will collect moisture and likely lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Over time, this can cause problems with your roofing. Let us provide you with an attic fan installation to protect your attic and roof, and keep the rest of your home pleasantly cool.

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