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Sure, we know a thing (or twenty) about installing air conditioners, but we also know that ceiling fans are crucial in a home.

We’ve been in business for almost four decades now, and we both sell and install ceiling fans and exhaust fans with precision and care – just as we’ve installed them in our own homes! Ceiling fans play an important role in your home:

• Ceiling fans add a design element to your home’s décor. Colonial-style homes may opt for a more traditional wood design, while modern homes may go with stainless steel – and a relaxing “palm leaf” style fan for sun rooms and outdoor porches.
• Ceiling fans help a room feel cooler. Although fans don’t necessarily bring the temperature of the room down, we all know how nice it is to sit underneath the cool breeze of a fan. We recommend positioning fans in key areas around your home, and we can help you do just that through our fan installation services in Bethesda. Ceiling fans may even help minimize air conditioning costs!
• Ceiling fans can also spread warm air in the winter months. Heat rises, and ceiling fans can help disperse that heat to spread more evenly throughout your home.

Ceiling Fan Bethesda MDBethesda Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can be difficult to install even for the most DIY-savvy homeowner due to their weight and electrical hookup. Our expert team at Michael & Son can take complete care of your home’s ceiling fan installation. Years of experience have taught us:

• Ensure the electric ceiling box is properly wired. We’ve helped homeowners ensure the proper wiring is in place and meets safety codes.

• Ensure the ceiling box is durable enough to hold the fan. Ceiling fans are fairly heavy, and you want to be sure the electric ceiling box is strong enough to hold the fan in securely.

• Connect the fan’s wires to your home’s wiring. Most fans feature color-coded wiring, but it’s important to understand which wires get connected. It’s also important to use wire cutters to safely cut any wires that may be a little too long for the ceiling box.

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We’re proud of our family business here at Michael & Son, and we’ll treat you and your home just like we’d want to be treated. Trust in us for top-notch fan installation services in Bethesda. We’re offering 10% off our Bethesda fan installation services (up to a $50 savings) – give us a call up at (800) 948-6453 and we can set an appointment for your fan installation today!