Fire Damage Restoration Specialists in Alexandria VA

It’s always a traumatic event when homeowners have a small or large fire in their homes. Allow our team to help you start over again. Michael & Son are fire damage restoration experts in Alexandria VA that completely restore your home after a fire. From initial fire damage removal to home construction, you can depend on us to make your home livable again.

Immediate Fire Restoration Services in Alexandria VA

fireWhen you experience fire in your home, you can feel helpless. Rest assured that the certified team at our company in Alexandria VA is here to provide prompt assistance. We begin fire restoration services as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of house fires, sometimes firemen need to cut holes in walls and roofs. As an experienced fire damage team, we not only cleanup after a fire, but we repair everything in your home. Some of the services we provide include:

• Removing Water Used to Extinguish Fire
• Use Fans to Remove Any Smoke
• Removing Damaged Possessions
• Cleaning or Storing Salvageable Items
• Eliminating Soot & Smoke Odor
• Repairing Dry Wall, Flooring, Roofs, & Other Structural Elements
• Rebuilding Damaged Areas
• Cleaning Carpets, Upholstery, & Personal Items
• Providing Mold Remediation When Necessary

Saving Your Possession with Fire Damage Removal

By providing fire damage removal in Alexandria VA, we are able to salvage and restore your possessions. While not everything can be restored, we do our best to save the savable. In fact, what may seem to you to be irreparably damaged to you may be something we can restore again. Using proven restoration techniques, we are able to refurbish walls, floors, rugs, furnishings, and other personal items.

Helpful Fire Safety Tips

Michael & Son in Alexandria VA wants your family to stay safe in your home. Whether you have or haven’t been through a fire, the following fire safety tips ensure that you never have to experience a fire in your home.

  • Put Smoke Alarms in Every Room
  • Test Smoke Alarms Every Month
  • Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home
  • Clean Kitchen Stoves & Ovens Regularly
  • Do Not Run Electrical Cords under Rugs
  • Clean Dryer Filter & Vents
  • Keep Candles in Fireproof Containers
  • Keep Matches & Lighters Out of Reach of Children
  • Clean Chimneys & Furnaces Every Year
  • Have at Least Two Ways Out of Each Room

Contact our fire damage restoration company when you or a friend has had a house fire. We proudly serve customers in Alexandria VAand the surrounding areas.

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