Manassas Fire Damage Restoration

The fire may be over, but you can still smell smoke and see the sooty leftovers of it everywhere. When soot and ash cover the walls of your home, they continue to have a damaging effect. If this is the situation you’re in, you need to call Michael & Son Services to provide Manassas fire damage restoration. For decades, we’ve been the family-owned restoration team you can count on.

Once the flames have died down, you’ll need a trustworthy company to act fast and get to work on smoke damage removal in your property. Smoke inhalation can have a detrimental impact on your health. The odor, when indoors, can be unpleasant in and of itself. However, many fire-related injuries are actually due more to the inhalation of smoke and soot than to the blaze itself. It’s important that you contact us immediately to start getting the smoke and soot out of your home.

We are your full- service provider of soot removal and structural reconstruction, so you can rest assured that the situation is in good hands. We respond quickly and work diligently to eliminate any dangerous burn remnants, property damage, and unwanted smoke odor.

Complete Fire Damage Restoration in Manassas, VA

Fire Damage Manassas VAWe understand that a home or office that smells like a barbeque pit is neither healthy nor attractive. Compromised air quality equals a sharp decline in standard of living, but our team of trained and certified professionals is ready to rectify the situation. We waste no time assessing your home and applying the latest technologies in addressing your smoke and soot issues. We excel in successfully eliminating the odors and ash that hang around in the air and on your walls after something’s burned. You want to resume your normal life as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what we work so hard to make happen. Our fire damage services include:

  • Board-Ups
  • Demolition
  • Home Content Storage
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Home Repairs

Making Soot Damage Disappear

One of the most stubborn substances on the planet, soot always puts up a resistance to cleaning, and settles in some places that are difficult to access. Soot can be either dry and flaky or thicker and oily. Either way, many homeowners find that it’s nearly impossible to remove. It infests furniture, wall coverings, books, lampshades, and more. We’re here to make soot removal easy on you. Our team will work tirelessly to make your home as clean as it was before the smoke and soot settled over everything. Make us your fire damage removal team, and we’ll show you why we stand out from the rest in our industry.

Contact us for our comprehensive fire damage restoration services. We proudly serve customers in Manassas, Virginia.

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