Rockville Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

Salvage your possessions after the flames have died down by turning to Michael & Son in Rockville MD for fire damage restoration. Timing is critical, because only a few hours after a fire, metal fixtures begin to corrode and other household items can suffer permanent damage.

Our certified team in Rockville MD works quickly to provide a wide range of fire restoration services. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we can salvage some of your items, which reduces replacement costs. Our primary goal is to ease your mind by helping you recover from this traumatic event.

Fire Damage Restoration in Rockville MDThe Top Choice for Fire Damage Restoration in Rockville MD

Recovering from a fire isn’t fast or easy. Our Rockville MD team understands the toll a fire takes on you emotionally, physically, and financially. During this difficult time, you need a fire damage restoration team that cares about your needs, treats you with respect, and works quickly to make things right.

Nearly all fires cause structural damage to your home. Along with the effect of the fire, your home also sustains water damage from the fire extermination process. Due to the complicated process of fire restoration, you need a team of experienced professionals to perform the work. Our fully licensed and reputable fire damage cleanup company in Rockville MD has provided this service for more than 30 years.

How to Avoid Fire Damage in Your Home

Whether you’ve had a fire in your home or not, there are many things you can do to prevent house fires. Michael & Son in Rockville MD offers a number of helpful fire safety tips that prevent fires from staring in your home.

  • Install a Smoke Alarm in Every Room
  • Inspect Smoke Alarms Every Month
  • Keep Kitchen Stoves & Ovens Clean
  • Never Run Electrical Cords under Rugs & Carpets
  • Inspect & Dryer Lint Filters & Vents
  • Put Candles in Fireproof Containers
  • Store Matches & Lighters Out of Reach of Children
  • Clean Chimneys & Furnaces Every Year


Rockville MD Fire Damage Removal

No two fires are the same. Since each home contains different materials, the fire leaves residue that should be cleaned using different techniques. As an efficient fire damage removal team, our Rockville MD specialists determine the proper cleaning method to use depending on the smoke and fire damage that occurred.

Contact us for immediate assistance when you have sustained minor or major fire damage on your property. We proudly serve customers in Rockville MD and the surrounding areas.

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