Germantown Flood Damage Cleanup

It’s important to act quickly when your place has been damaged by a flood. Whether a storm or a broken pipe has caused the water to rise in your home or business, you need fast and effective solutions. Turn to us for Germantown flood damage cleanup. Since mold can grow anywhere and water causes rot and other problems, it’s important to act fast before more damage occurs.

Germantown Flood Damage CleanupOur certified team is fully qualified to remove water caused by any type of flooding. From sewage line breaks to storm water damage, we are ready to provide systematic flood damage restoration in Germantown, MD. Using advanced water pumping and drying equipment, Michael & Son Services returns your property to its pre-flood condition. Get your life back to normal by contacting us for emergency services.

Expert Flood Damage Restoration in Germantown, MD

Quick response is critical after a flood has occurred in your building. Flood and water leaks are known to ruin floors, walls, furniture, and even the structural integrity of buildings. The team at our company knows what it takes to ensure your place is completely dry again. We have been in operation since 1976 and are able to do whatever it takes to make things right.

Prevent the water from wreaking havoc on your home, business, personal belongings, and the health of those in the building. From extracting water and removing mud to drying your rooms and performing home repair, we are the ones to call for comprehensive flood damage restoration.

Steps Involved in Flood Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up after a flood is not an easy task, but the team at our company is not afraid to get our hands dirty or wet. We have provided flood damage repair and cleanup for many years. The best way to handle flood remediation is to turn to the experts that do it accurately, affordably, and efficiently. Let us fully restore your property again. A few of the tasks we perform include:

  • Removing Water
  • Cleaning Walls, Floors, & Ceilings
  • Cleaning Furniture, Cabinets, & Countertops
  • Cleaning Carpets & Window Coverings
  • Completely Drying Your Home or Business
  • Performing Mold Removal
  • Providing Home Repair


What to Do When You Have a Flooded Basement

Water always travels to the lowest area of a building. If you have a basement, then it is the most susceptible to damages caused by a flood. From pipe leaks and rainwater to sewage line backups and breaks, your basement could become a messy place in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, we are basement flood damage restoration experts that can remedy the problem and return your basement to normal again. Before mold sets in and the problem gets worse, contact us for emergency services.

Contact us for quick flood water removal services when you’re knee deep in problems. We proudly serve customers throughout Germantown, Maryland.

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