Furnace Repair in Springfield, VA

A broken furnace creates a cold experience nobody enjoys. $69 Tune Up

Enjoy a wintery wonderland outside, but a warm climate inside when you depend on Michael & Son Services for furnace repair in Springfield, VA. Before using space heaters and electric blankets, contact our HVAC contractors for services.

We repair and install all makes, models, and sizes of furnaces. Don’t endure freezing temperatures in your home or business. Instead, allow us to provide prompt and reliable furnace replacement or repair to keep you warm all season long. We have extensive experience working on all brands of furnaces and can get your system up and running again in no time.

Emergency Furnace Service

Even though the winter season can be beautiful in Virginia, it’s not enjoyable without a functioning furnace.
Furnace Repair Springfield, VAIn fact, you’ll freeze without a fully operational heating system! We sell, repair, and install all types of furnaces – both gas and electric systems.

Whether yours needs a tune-up or it isn’t working at all, depend on us to help. Available in emergencies, our courteous and experienced technicians respond quickly to your needs. After all, we want you to stay warm and cozy despite the harsh winter winds.

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

Do you want to be hot but you’re not? If so, the chances are likely that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. Even though furnaces are reliable and durable, they eventually need to be replaced. The furnace repair and replacement technicians at our company help you choose the ideal system for your living area, your needs, and your budget. Some of the common signs that indicate you need to replace your furnace include:

  • Monthly Energy Bills Have Increased
  • Furnace Needs Frequent Repairs
  • Repairs Are More Expensive
  • Furnace Is More than 15 Years Old
  • Some Rooms Are Too Hot or Too Cold
  • Furnace Makes Strange Noises
  • Carbon Monoxide Is Detected
  • Home or Business Area Is Dry or Dusty

Energy-Efficient & Cost-Effective Furnaces

Every machine becomes less efficient as it ages. The same is true for your furnace. Even though we specialize in furnace repair and servicing, there is only so much we can do to revive a dying machine. Fortunately, we have a better and more cost-effective solution for you. New furnaces are more affordable than you may think. Most importantly, because newer models are more energy-efficient, they’ll save you money each month on heating costs.

Contact us for more information about our furnace tune-up specials. We serve customers throughout Springfield, Virginia.

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