Expert HVAC Service in Silver Spring, MD

We’ve been in business for nearly forty years now, and we know the key to providing exceptional HVAC service in Silver Spring, MD – we treat you like we’d treat our own family, and we provide you with the reliable and dedicated HVAC repair and installation that we’d expect provided to us. Our HVAC technicians are true experts in their field and consider their work a master craft. After all, when we’re talking about the air you and your family breathe, you want to work with a business that has earned its quality reputation with each job its done throughout all of its almost forty years in business.

One of the most common Silver Spring, MD HVAC services that we provide is ongoing maintenance – frequent cleaning of a home’s ducts and vents. Duct cleaning helps resolve common HVAC repairs, like:

• Dirty air filters leading to increased dust and dirt in your home
• Increased allergic reactions due to contaminated air
• High gas bills due to an inefficient HVAC system
• Blockages in the lines preventing air from flowing properly throughout your HVAC system

Silver Spring HVAC Installation

Silver Spring HVAC InstallationAside from our continued dedication to customer service, including our 24/7 emergency Silver Spring HVAC repair service, we are also proud to offer:

• An extended warranty on all parts and labor
• Same day service (and peace of mind) for those immediate fixes when you need it
• HVAC technicians certified in heating and cooling repair and installation
• Courteous service that puts you first and treats your home with respect
• Competitive pricing and value for our services that puts us ahead of the competition

We’re also happy to be offering 10% off our Silver Spring HVAC service, repair, and installation services (up to $50). Give us a call at (800) 948-6453 today to schedule your home’s vent and duct cleaning.

It always seems that an HVAC unit will have problems at the most inconvenient times – the warmest and coldest of days, and on holidays, weekends, and special events. Our emergency technicians are available 24/7 to help you through all of your HVAC repair needs. We typically carry a wide variety of heating and cooling related parts right on our trucks so we can efficiently resolve your home’s HVAC issues.

Count on Michael & Son for reliable and quality HVAC repair in Silver Spring, MD.

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