Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Hyattsville, MD

Like most homeowners, you’re familiar with the dangers that fire presents to any size property. Whether it’s started by an unattended candle or a sudden bolt of lightning, fire destroys thousands of homes every day, causing millions of dollars in damage. Regardless of how the fire occurred, however, it helps to know you have affordable options when it’s time to rebuild.

Reach out to Michael & Son to request our help with water and fire damage restoration in Hyattsville, MD, for any kind of structure or property. As contractors with years of fire, water, and smoke damage restoration experience, we’re proud to offer families like yours great deals on all the services you need to recover your home’s value and your loved ones’ safety. Let us deliver the peace of mind and comfort you deserve after dealing with a devastating fire.

Restoration Hyattsville MDWe Can Help with Hyattsville, MD, Water Damage Restoration

Fires almost always cause serious damage to homes—however, so does the water used to extinguish them. Water damage inadvertently caused by firefighters trying to save your residence can soak into your walls, roof, and flooring; eventually, mildew might begin to grow, and your home’s structure could also be compromised. If a fire was recently extinguished in your home, it’s well worth your time to have our water damage restoration specialists look into any water damage that may be present, as well.

Experienced Hyattsville, MD, Fire Damage Restoration Crew

When fire ravages your home, you don’t have time to wait for assistance. You need to know which parts of your property are salvageable, as well as which parts need immediate removal. That’s why our fire damage restoration team responds to requests for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Also Offer Smoke Damage Restoration

Most fire damage is visually apparent. However, many fires also leave behind the telltale odors of soot and smoke, which can cause allergic reactions and other breathing issues in your loved ones. As members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, our team understands the importance of maintaining clean air in your home. Trust our Hyattsville, MD, smoke damage restoration crew to banish all traces of these stubborn smells using tried-and-true techniques.

Smoke consists of many small particles of wood tar, harmful gases, and sometimes even heavy metals. These contaminants end up not only in your walls, ceilings, and floors, but in your furniture, as well. For help with fire damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye, local families turn to our contractors for fast, effective solutions.

Contact our restoration specialists to learn how we can help your home or business. We proudly serve clients in Hyattsville, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

Sante Fe Certified Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Before

Would You Live in Your Crawl Space?
Odds are you already are without even knowing it! Studies show that up to 50% of the polluted air below your home moves up to the rest of the home, often causing musty odors, allergies, asthma, and uncomfortably high humidity levels.

Our team of Certified Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialists can help you take control of your crawl space resulting in a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Humidity is Your Crawl Space’s # 1 Enemy! High Humidity in the Crawl Space also Leads to:
• Pest InfestationsCrawl Space After
• Foundation & Structural Problems
• High Energy Bills

Winter Air + Vented Crawl Spaces = High Energy Bills

Cold air coming into the house and warm air moving through and out of the house will cause a high energy bill. Cold outside air from your vented crawl space causes:

Santa Fe Certified

• Cold floors
• Uncomfortable drafts
• High energy bills

If your crawl space contains your heating and cooling duct work, then it puts an even bigger burden on your furnace.

*In fact, in studied homes, the average duct leakage is 75% of total system airflow! Now is the time to encapsulate
your crawl space!

Call us today for an inspection of your crawl space! We are Santa Fe Certified!

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