Questions on our voting system and process?

Please understand that the voting guidelines set in place is the most secure and fair way for us to collect and monitor daily voting. Due to difficulties with the email registration system & log, we switched over to an IP based log that allows one vote on a network every 24 hours. If you’ve voted and it has been more then 24 hours Here’s a few tips to ensure proper voting:

• Can’t vote from a shared network: If you are voting on a shared network such as work or school, only one computer is able to vote as all the computers will be masked to use the same host IP address. This would also be the case for any phone, iPad, etc on that WiFi network. Solution: You can vote from your smart phone that is NOT connected to a Wi-Fi network once a day.

• It’s been more then 24 hours and still cannot vote: Users who are still having difficulty voting are encouraged to clear their browser’s cookies & cache, close their browser window, reopen their browser and attempt to vote again. For assistance on clearing cookies by device, Click here

• Why has our vote count changed? Duplicate IPs or registered emails that exceed the one vote a day guideline will be removed from the vote count and reflect on the poll numbers. Unfortunately the vote percentage does not update accordingly.

If you’ve followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties, Please email