How to Get Rid of Mold in Arlington VA

Learn how to get rid of mold when you rely on Michael & Son in Arlington VA for effective mold remediation services. In order to properly and safely rid your home of mold, especially after water damage, it is vital to use trained and certified mold removal specialists. Some of the steps we use to get rid of mold include:

Mold Removal Arlington VA• Inspect the Condition of the Structure
• Determine Whether Mold Contamination Is an Issue
• Determine the Underlying Cause of the Contamination
• Assess Whether the Contamination Has Spread
• Prevent Cross-Contamination during Removal
• Decontaminate the Area, as well as Personal Items
• Focus on Mold Removal, Not Simply Cover-up
• Employ Proven Mold Remediation Techniques

Mold Remediation Experts in Arlington VA

Mold has adverse effects on everyone but especially on infants, young children, elderly, those with autoimmune disorders, or individuals with respiratory conditions. For thorough mold remediation in Arlington VA, you can’t afford to do it yourself. Allow our certified team of mold cleanup experts to inspect your property for mold if you notice the following signs:

  • Visible Mold
  • Strong, Musty Odors
  • Moisture Problems
  • Water Leaks
  • Excessive Humidity
  • Water Stains
  • Rust
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Health Problems, Such as
  • Asthma
  • Sore Eyes
  • Itchy Skin
  • Runny or Blocked Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sore Throat


Mold Cleanup in Arlington VA

Bleach can only do so much to kill mold in your Arlington VA home. It may stop visible signs of mold, but it doesn’t destroy all of the mold roots. As mold cleanup specialists, we employ proven techniques that eliminate everything – down to the roots. From using HEPA vacuums and special chemicals to removing contaminated materials, we know how to make your place Mold Cleanup Arlington VAlivable again.

Ways to Identify and Remove Black Mold in Arlington VA

Identifying black mold is easy, but removing it is a complicated process. The fungus is recognizable by its very dark green or black appearance. In order to remove black mold, rely on our certified mold removal specialists in Arlington VA. Since black mold is toxic, you need to take important steps to remove it so as not to harm yourself or others in your home.

Contact us if you think you have black mold in your home but need a professional assessment. We proudly serve customers in Arlington VA and the surrounding areas.

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