Bowie Mold Remediation

Identify and contain any spores that may have developed in the aftermath of a flood and safely remove them with our Bowie mold remediation process. Michael & Son Services offers a comprehensive recovery process that includes water remediation, mold removal, and reliable remodeling. When water or untreated sewage is allowed to sit for any amount of time, mold and mildew are sure to develop. This is why you must have a plan in place before a disaster of any kind strikes.

Mold Remediation Services Bowie MDAs soon as the waters begin to rise, make the call to our team of mold removal specialists. You should never attempt to remove any amount of mold prior to an identification of the strain involved. Our technicians have spent years studying the various strains that can develop in this area, and we strictly adhere to the IICRC S520 guidelines for remediation.

The development of black mold in your home could lead to serious repercussions. Prevent your home from becoming a total loss, and give your loved ones a reason to breathe easier when you make an investment in our mold remediation process. Your home will look better and your family will rest easier in the aftermath of any disaster.

Expert Mold Removal and Remediation in Bowie, MD

Immediate action is needed whenever a large volume of water or moisture is allowed to sit for any amount of time in your home. When your carpets have been soaked and your baseboards are still moist, mold and mildew are sure to follow. The quicker our team can begin the process of source identification the easier the cleanup process will be.

Our technicians are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, and they come equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools in the business. If the mold in your home proves to be toxic, our specialists will begin isolating this area from the rest of your structure. Each of our certified specialists has the training needed for mold removal and sewage cleanup. They can isolate the affected area, and being the process of air filtration and mold removal.

Mold Cleanup Management

Coordinate every aspect of your recovery project with one reliable source. We have been doing business since 1976, and we have built a track record of results by staying in touch with the needs of our clients. Our technicians are always uniformed and they bring clean drop cloths to every job site. When you choose the right team for mold removal, you can feel secure that your home is safe once more.

Contact us today for Bowie mold remediation that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. We proudly serve customers in Bowie, Maryland.

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