Manassas Mold Remediation

Few organisms are more abundant on earth than mold. Mold is a fungus that thrives in moisture and slowly eats away at the surface where it takes root. If your home has recently experienced water damage, mold may already be growing somewhere in your flooring, walls, or ceiling. If mold is an unwelcome visitor at your residence, depend on us for Manassas mold remediation to clear out the air you breathe.

The spores mold uses to reproduce constantly float in the air. When indoors, they concentrate to high levels that may negatively impact your health. Additionally, mold is also responsible for the foul odors that follow water damage. At Michael & Son Services, we don’t let mold win. If you suspect that mold has colonized the interior of your home, call us for an inspection. Our expert mold removal and remediation in Manassas, VA, will eliminate the odor, prevent damage, and sanitize the air.

Mold can grow in areas that are difficult to access. Since its spores are airborne, mold can settle virtually anywhere and feed off of the residual moisture leftover from any recent water damage. That’s why you need our professional team to give your living or work space the thorough cleansing it needs for lasting mold removal.

Expert Mold Removal and Remediation in Manassas, VA

Mold Remediation Manassas VA

Mold infestations are notoriously difficult to kill. While you may have successfully eliminated a few moldy patches with a dab of bleach, the real enemies are the microscopic spores. In fact, when you scrub away mold yourself with a sponge or towel, you may actually be making the problem worse by spreading out the spores. Trust our restoration team to get results that will last. Our experienced professionals know how to identify and treat the problem areas where mold thrives. We specialize in:

  • Source Identification
  • Containment
  • Filtrations
  • Removal
  • Cleanup
  • Replacement

Effective Residential Mold Removal

Besides the stains and surface damage to the materials your home is made of, mold is also responsible for negative health effects. If you are experiencing sinus congestion, respiratory and throat irritation, or sneezing fits, you may have mold to blame. Our remediation techniques attack mold and keep it from coming back. When we’re done, you’ll have a healthier, more comfortable space to live in. You can’t always see where indoor mold is hiding, so trust our experts to inspect your property and provide you with the removal treatment that will save you from the side-effects of a mold problem.

Contact us for complete mold remediation services. We proudly serve customers in Manassas, Virginia.

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