Air Conditioning in Chesapeake, VA

A malfunctioning air conditioner can make you and the rest of your family uncomfortable, if not completely miserable. To keep your family cool during even the hottest temperatures, you have to ensure your system is in the best possible condition. Michael and Son Norfolk has 30+ years of experience in air conditioning services for Chesapeake, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning Chesapeake VAOur team of licensed AC technicians is familiar with a wide range of air conditioning brands and units, making them able to perform long-lasting repairs for almost any client. We’ll even provide you with an up-front quote so you feel completely confident when investing in our help.

Need Fast Air Conditioning Repair?

Is your AC unit making odd noises? Does it appear to be running normally, yet fails to produce cold air? Sounds like you need fast and effective air conditioning repair from the local experts! There’s no way to be prepared for sudden and unexpected AC issues. This is why we provide 24/7 emergency service in your time of need. With our help, you won’t have to go another night suffering from unbearable heat. We even provide emergency services for commercial air conditioning systems.

Affordable Air Conditioning Services from Our Team

When one of our technicians visits your home, he will perform extensive diagnostics in order to determine what issues are currently affecting the system. Every van and truck driven by these professionals is equipped with all the tools, equipment, and parts needed to perform all necessary repairs on the spot.

However, prior to beginning this work, we offer up-front quotes which will prove just how reasonably priced our services are. The following are all indicators that you should seek the help of our air conditioning technicians as soon as possible:

  • Unit Making Strange Noises
  • Unit Isn’t Working at All
  • Thermostat Is Consistently Incorrect
  • AC Overheats on a Regular Basis
  • System Runs but Doesn’t Cool


Specializing in Commercial Air Conditioning Work

Commercial AC units are more complex than the smaller residential units found in homes. It takes specially trained and qualified contractors to perform effective repairs for these large, professional-grade systems. When your commercial air conditioning needs maintenance, repair, or replacement, you can call on us. We have undergone additional education in order to best serve the needs of commercial clients located throughout our area.

To learn more about the air conditioning services from our local business, simply contact us today! We’ll even provide you with an up-front quote in order to set your mind at ease about repair and service costs. Our team proudly serves clients throughout Chesapeake, Virginia and the surrounding areas.