Conquer the Summer Heat with Our Central AC Unit Installation Services

Do you feel hot and sticky in your home? Feel magnificent all summer with central AC systems and unit installation services from our staff in the Virginia Beach area including Virginia Beach, Hampton, Norfolk & Newport News.

The expert Central Air Experts at Michael & Son can install central AC systems to alleviate your heat problems. Whether you need to repair a broken unit or update an old system, we are prepared to assist you. Contact us at (757) 275-8718 to choose our central AC services.

Central AC Unit Installation Services

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Our business provides quiet and efficient whole-house central air systems that are sure to make you and your family comfortable. We offer a wide selection of systems for the Hampton, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth areas to ensure maximum energy efficiency for your home.

Spectacular Central AC Systems

We understand that size is important when choosing a central AC system. If you pick out a system that is too small, it will have to run longer and use more energy. Likewise, a system that is too large will use more power and not extract the proper amount of moisture in the air, which leaves you with a clammy and damp feeling.

Contact us in Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg or Yorktown VA, at (757) 275-8718 for efficient central Air AC unit installation services.

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