Conditioned Crawlspace in Norfolk, VA

Conditioned Crawlspace in Norfolk VAPrevent mold and mildew as well as other problems in your home or business with a conditioned crawlspace. In Norfolk, VA, Michael & Son specializes in conditioning crawlspaces to stop moisture from creating health problems due to mold and causing structural issues in your home. We effectively seal up the area beneath your home with a durable plastic barrier on the ground and the side walls.

Along with other methods, we effectively prevent ground moisture and humid air from entering your living area through the crawlspace. By adding heat and air through your HVAC system, we make sure that both areas (the crawlspace and living area) stay at the same temperature. This ensures a healthier and a more consistent temperature in your home. The benefits of having conditioned crawlspaces include:

  • Prevents Pipe Freezing
  • Inhibits Mildew and Mold Growth
  • Stops Insects and Rodents Infestation
  • Improves Indoor Temperature
  • Reduces HVAC Energy Consumption
  • Prevents Pipe Freezing


Methods for Conditioning Crawlspaces

Condition your crawlspace the right way by trusting our skilled team for reliable work. Not only do we have years of experience in the trade, we are also expert HVAC technicians, plumbers, and restoration contractors. We ensure your crawlspace is clean, moisture-free, and perfectly sealed.

If you have a crawlspace that is vented, you are inviting problems: bugs, mold, rodents, and structural problems in your home. Crawlspace vents pull moist outdoor air in the summer and allow freezing air to enter in the winter. The vents cause more problems than they are intended to prevent.

Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll inspect your crawlspace. Our technicians can prevent these problems with conditioning crawlspaces.

Conditioned Crawlspaces Virginia BeachWhy You Need a Conditioned Crawlspace

Like most homeowners, you have never visited your crawlspace—and you probably never will. Don’t get down on your hands and knees to inspect the area under your home. It’s dirty and cramped. Let us do the work for you. Because a crawlspace does not have a cement foundation, it is usually moist—a perfect breeding ground for mold, insects, and rodents. Make sure your crawlspace just as sanitary as your home by using our team for sealing and conditioning.

The Process of Conditioning Crawlspaces

After removing debris and rocks from the crawlspace, we repair any cracks, holes, or other damage on the floor or foundation walls. We then install a heavy-duty water vapor barrier and seal all vents. In addition, we cover the sides of your crawlspace to ensure no moisture come through. Finally, we install vents for air conditioning and heat as well as an exhaust fan if needed. Doing so ensures a constant temperature that is similar to your living areas.

Contact us to see if your home or business could benefit from a conditioned crawlspace. We proudly serve customers throughout Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, Virginia.

Sante Fe Certified Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Before

Would You Live in Your Crawl Space?
Odds are you already are without even knowing it! Studies show that up to 50% of the polluted air below your home moves up to the rest of the home, often causing musty odors, allergies, asthma, and uncomfortably high humidity levels.

Our team of Certified Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialists can help you take control of your crawl space resulting in a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Humidity is Your Crawl Space’s # 1 Enemy! High Humidity in the Crawl Space also Leads to:
• Pest InfestationsCrawl Space After
• Foundation & Structural Problems
• High Energy Bills

Winter Air + Vented Crawl Spaces = High Energy Bills

Cold air coming into the house and warm air moving through and out of the house will cause a high energy bill. Cold outside air from your vented crawl space causes:

Santa Fe Certified

• Cold floors
• Uncomfortable drafts
• High energy bills

If your crawl space contains your heating and cooling duct work, then it puts an even bigger burden on your furnace.

*In fact, in studied homes, the average duct leakage is 75% of total system airflow! Now is the time to encapsulate
your crawl space!

Call us today for an inspection of your crawl space! We are Santa Fe Certified!

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