Drain Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA

$100 Off Main Drain Cleaning ChesapeakeDrains are responsible for helping water flow through your pipes properly. Over time, the different liquids and particles that wash down the drain can lead to buildup and clogging. If you want to avoid problems caused by clogged drains, then you need professional drain cleaning in Chesapeake, VA.

Michael and Son Norfolk uses the latest technology and techniques in order to clear out drains with even the most severe clogs. Whether your sink, shower, or toilet is experiencing drain problems, you can depend on us to provide cleaning that returns your pipes to optimal performance abilities.

Are you Tired of Frequently Clogged Drains?

The easiest way to avoid frequently clogging drains is with regular cleaning services. Our team will work closely with you in order to develop a maintenance plan that ensures your home never experiences drainage problems. Clogged drains can not only make it difficult to use important plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets, but they can also lead to gradually increasing water bills! We help our clients avoid results like this by providing cleaning for all of the following drains:Drain Cleaning Chesapeake VA

  • Kitchen Drains
  • Sink Drains
  • Toilet Drains
  • Water Lines
  • Shower Drains
  • Storm Drains
  • Sewer Lines
  • Floor Drains
  • Grease Traps
  • Bathtub Drains
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Why You Should Invest in Regular Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners depend upon store-bought drain cleaners to eliminate clogs and buildup. However, these cleaners typically include harsh chemicals that can damage plumbing components such as fixtures and pipes.Drain Cleaning Services Chesapeake

Whenever an immediate unclogging is needed, we provide drain rooter services that utilize simple force to dislodge the clog. Investing in scheduled drain cleaning may mean that you never have to invest in emergency rooter work to improve drainage. Our techniques prevent the most common causes of clogs from building up within a pipe, such as:

  • Soap
  • Detergent
  • Dirt
  • Fats
  • Debris
  • Grime
  • Oils
  • Hair


Now Offering Commercial Drain Cleaning

All of our plumbing technicians are qualified and equipped to provide effective commercial drain cleaning whenever you need it. The service vans driven by our plumbers have all the tools and equipment needed to clean out commercial-size drains during their initial visit to your property. We’ll even offer an upfront quote for the cleaning or rooter services before we begin any work! That way you have no reservations that keep you from investing in our assistance.

To learn more about the drain cleaning from our team, simply contact us at your earliest convenience. Don’t forget to request a free quote on drain cleaning! We offer plumbing services throughout Chesapeake, Virginia, and beyond.