Looking to prepare your system for the season ahead? A precision tune-up from Michael & Son is the perfect way to increase system efficiency, reduce your energy bills, and ensure your system is running at peak efficiency!

Michael and Son takes great pride in our thorough 21-point precision tune-up service for heating and AC equipment:

Our highly skilled and trained technicians will perform a 21-point precision tune-up of your heating or cooling system. Upon completion, we will provide you with a written report and make recommendations necessary to improve the quality and comfort in your home and ensure your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance.

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Michael & Son 21-Point Precision Tune-up Service

1. Clean burner assembly to improve combustion

2. Tune burners for more efficient burns

3. Clean ignition assembly to ensure reliability

4. Calibrate Thermostat

5. Test refrigerant to ensure optimal levels

6. Test capacitors to ensure reliable operation

7. Test crankcase heaters

8. Inspect & Test Controls & Safeties

9. Adjust fan switch to prevent wasted energy

10. Adjust balancing dampers to reduce compressor strain

11. Clean and inspect filters to reduce compressor strain

12. Clean and adjust blower assembly to extend motor life

13. Check airflow to ensure proper air flow across the coil

14. Visually inspect duct work to identify leaks

15. Tighten electrical connections ensuring uninterrupted operation

16. Measure & record voltage and amperage

17. Lubricate all moving parts to restore heat transfer efficiency

18. Inspect evaporator coil to ensure proper heat transfer efficiency

19. Clean outside condensing coil to restore heat transfer

20. Clean A/C condensation drain to prevent water damage

21. Apply protective coating to outside of unit to protect finish

*Offer expires 12/31/2017. Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers. Call for details.