Michael & Son Precision Tune-Up

Looking to prepare your system for the season ahead? A precision tune-up from Michael & Son is the perfect way to increase system efficiency, reduce your energy bills, and ensure your system is running at peak efficiency!

Michael and Son takes great pride in our thorough precision tune-up service for heating and AC equipment:

Our highly skilled and trained technicians will perform a precision tune-up of your heating or cooling system. Upon completion, we will provide you with a written report and make recommendations necessary to improve the quality and comfort in your home and ensure your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance.

Precision Tune-Up Request

What’s Included in Our Precision Tune-Up

  • Verify proper system operation
  • Verify thermostat calibration
  • Verify the thermostat is an energy saving type
  • Verify the condition and type of the air filters
  • Verify proper CFM (Airflow)
  • Verify proper temperature difference from return to supply
  • Inspect the condition of the supply and return ductwork
  • Visually inspect ductwork for leaks
  • Verify operation of the indoor air purifier
  • Inspect the condition of the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Flush outdoor condenser coil
  • Inspect & flush condensate pans, drains, & pumps
  • Inspect indoor unit and clean as required
  • Inspect and clean the indoor blower and motor
  • Verify fan blades & blower wheels are tight
  • Inspect electrical for proper voltage and amperage
  • Verify the condition of the contacts and relays
  • Verify the condition of the motor capacitors
  • Inspect and test equipment and condensate safeties
  • Verify the operation of the hard start kit
  • Verify that all electrical connections are tight
  • Verify that there are no signs of overheating components and wiring
  • Lubricate all serviceable moving parts
  • Measure and record the system operating conditions
  • Address any concerns you may have