Raleigh Disposal Repair and Replacement

$50 Off Disposal Replacement Raleigh NCIf your garbage disposal has quit working, trust Michael & Son for quick and easy repair solutions. We’ve maintained our standing as a top-quality plumbing company for over 30 years and offer garbage disposal repair and replacement when your sink has food or debris backup.

Disposal Problems

A common misunderstanding about disposals is that they can process large amounts of food or any kind of debris. The truth is, they can only process small amounts of food left on dishes and silverware after meals. If a fork or small item is dropped down the disposal, it should be removed with pliers or a tool when the disposal is OFF. It is not OK to leave the item in the disposal or to remove the item with your hand. If you’re unable to safely reach the item with a tool, call Michael & Son to have it removed.

Efficient Disposals

Whether your disposal needs repair or replacement, Michael & Son’s top-rate technicians will work hard to restore your service as soon as possible. To help prevent clogging, reserve these items for the trash:

  • Bones/Shells
  • Coffee Grinds
  • Peels, Rinds or Pits
  • Pasta and Bread
  • Any Food that Expands through Water Contact


For Raleigh disposal replacement, call today! We proudly serve the areas of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner, Knightdale, Hillsborough and Butner.

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