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$100 Off Drain Cleaning Raleigh NCTroubles with your drain or septic lines? Act fast by contacting Michael & Son Raleigh for sewer pipe repair and replacement. As sewer pipes age, they begin to crack, break, and even collapse due to tree roots and ground settling.

Ensure that everything is running free and clear again by using us for repair and sewer pipe replacement. By removing tree roots, realigning pipes, and fixing collapsed lines, we are able to effectively restore the functionality of your sewer pipes.

We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, and the surrounding areas. Some of the common problems with sewer lines include:

Cracked, Collapsed, Broken Pipes—broken sewer lines due to dry soil or tree roots.
Clogged Pipes, Blocked Pipes—objects that can be lodged in the pipe—preventing it from flowing—or grease build up that needs to be cleared.
Corroded Old Pipes—old pipes corrode overtime and start to break down.
Leaking Sewer Pipe Seals—connecting joints in the sewer pipes are not sealed properly.
Bellied Sewer Pipe—due to soil conditions, pipes will sink, creating a pool of waste.
Tree Roots in Sewer Line—roots attach to the pipes and crack or break the pipes.
Substandard Piping Material—some pipes will be defective and break.

Michael & Son has been in the drain cleaning business for over 30 years, helping our customers get rid of stubborn clogs. When drains become backed up, they can slow or shut down completely. Kitchen drains can collect dirt, grime, fat and other particles. Bathroom drains are magnets for gels, sprays and hair. These agents can be major deterrents that keep a drain from working properly. With our state-of-the-art power cleaning tools, you’ll see the difference right away. Goodbye grime and clogs!

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Got a Sewer Problem?

Don’t know what it is or where to dig? Back in the “old days,” dig points were much a matter of educated guesswork. Now, with sewer video cameras and locating equipment, it’s just a simple matter of ordering a sewer video inspection and locating the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the basics involved in ordering a sewer video inspection:

Q: What is a Sewer Video Inspection?
It’s a process where you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to run a video line down the house’s sewer line (the larger pipe that leads from the house to the municipal sewer line on the street). At the end of the line is a camera that lets you see the line in close-up detail.

Q: When Would I Need an Inspection for Home Remodeling?
This would not be a frequent occurrence. But you might need a video inspection if you plan to add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen or a bathroom. Because of the greater quantities of waste water involved, you may want to inspect your sewer line to make sure that it can handle the increased needs. Typically, though, most homeowners call in a sewer line video inspection only if there is a problem, such as a blockage that cannot be fixed by plunging, using liquid drain cleaners, or sewer or drain cleaning.

Q: Can I Do a Video Inspection Myself?
No. Homeowner-level video inspection scopes are far too short to inspect more than the first few feet. Not only that, these scopes probably are not auto-focusing or self-righting. By contrast, sewer video scopes and locator units owned by plumbing companies can cost upwards of $15,000. They have powerful lights; they are self-righting (the picture always stays upright); they are high-resolution; they have recording capabilities. Most importantly, these cameras have transmitters at the end, which can help the technician locate block points.

Q: How Far Will the Video Inspection Scope Go?
It can go as near as branch lines within the house or as far as to the point where the home’s sewer ties to the municipal sewer line, maximum being about 200 feet.

Q: What Will I See in the Video Inspection?
If you are doing an entire sewer line video inspection, you will see a “walk-through,” leading from the entry point, down through the sewer line, and up to any obstructions. If the camera can push through the blockage, it may continue through to the municipal line. Don’t expect a Hollywood movie: while resolution is high, the picture will be jerky because the line has to be manually pushed down the line.

Q: How Can I Find the Blockage Up on Ground Level So I Know Where to Dig?
The camera unit has a transmitter. The video technician/plumber will stop the camera at the blockage point. Then he will go up to ground level and wave a locating device until the device picks up the transmission signal. This allows them to locate the approximate location.

Fight clogged drains with the help of Michael & Son! Call for more information. We proudly serve the areas of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner, Knightdale, Hillsborough and Butner.

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