Furnace Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

Why shiver in the cold with a broken furnace? You won’t have to deal with furnace problems for long when you make our HVAC company your first choice for furnace repair services. We fix furnaces of every size and model, so you can trust our technicians to have the expertise to repair your heating unit. We also offer excellent deals on furnace replacement options. Our company has special offers on new furnaces, and we provide dependable installations to ensure your new furnace works flawlessly.

Free Heating Diagnosis Chapel Hill, NCPrompt Furnace Repair Service

When the weather is cold and your furnace stops working, you need a professional heating service to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Let us know the moment your furnace shows signs of trouble or quits on you. We respond quickly to service requests, so you will have a qualified technician arriving at your home in very little time.

Our technicians are able to provide any type of furnace repair work you need, from changing out the air filter to replacing damaged parts. You should notice your furnace is able to heat your home faster and more efficiently after we finish with the repairs.

The Ideal Furnace Replacement for You

Sometimes a furnace is either too old or too damaged for it to be worth repairing. That is when you should look to our company for a furnace replacement. We inspect your existing furnace and the setup of your home’s heating system to determine the best furnace model for you.

The new furnace models we install offer more effective heating capabilities than the older models. You will be able to heat your home faster than before while using less energy in the process. They also run quietly than the older furnaces, lowering the noise level in your home while the heater is on. With our competitive prices and expert installation services, you won’t find a better deal on new furnaces anywhere else.

Furnace Repair Services Chapel Hill, NC

Understanding How Furnaces Work

Before you purchase a furnace, it is helpful to understand how they actually work. A furnace draws in outdoor air and heats it up before expelling it through the ventilation system. There are essentially three different furnace configurations, an up-flow furnace, a down-flow furnace, and a horizontal furnace.

An up-flow furnace is often used in basements, because it brings cool air from below and blows hot air out the top. A down-flow furnace is the one most often used for regular home heating, as brings in warm air from the bottom and expels it out the top, which is more efficient for areas that use recirculated heating. A horizontal furnace utilizes side-to-side airflow, making it a popular option for closets and crawl spaces. Be sure to ask us any questions you have about furnaces and how to best use them in your home.

Contact us today to receive furnace repair services or if you desire a furnace replacement. We proudly serve customers in Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas.