Generators in Chapel Hill, NC

Never worry about losing power again by turning to us for a great deal on generator installation. We offer top-of-the-line generators that vary in energy output to meet your electrical needs.

Our company can send a technician to inspect your home and advise you Dependable Home Generator Chapel Hill NCon the best type of generator for your needs.

Fast and Affordable Generator Repair

When your generator is malfunctioning, your home’s electrical system is vulnerable. Let us restore your back-up power source so you are fully protected from the effects of a power surge. We have skilled technicians trained to perform generator repair work on all residential generator models. It is much more affordable to have us fix your generator than run the risk of endangering your home electrical appliances.

Customized Backup Generator Installation

Do you want a generator that offers personalized protection for your home’s electrical system? The technicians at our company provide custom generator installation services to match the specific energy usage of your home with your generator unit. For example, our generators can be set up so they only provide power to certain areas of your house. This ensures maximum efficiency so your generator will last longer.

We also offer generators with surge protection capabilities. With a surge-protected generator, you do not have to worry about another power surge damaging your home’s electrical system while it is running on generator power.

Convenient and Dependable Home Generator

Many people look at generator units as a luxury that lets you watch television even when the power in your neighborhood goes out. Actually, the generators we offer will save you money by protecting all of your electrical devices. With surge protection capabilities and customized energy usage, having a generator hooked up to your home ensure that appliances and other electrical equipment are less likely to be damaged from a power surge.

Generators automatically supply your appliances with energy when the power in your home goes out. This prevents food from spoiling in a warm fridge and allows you to continue using other appliances you rely on every day. We can even set up a generator to protect your computer equipment in the event that a power surge short circuits your electrical system.

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 State-of-the-Art Guardian Generators

Before we install your new generator, you must first decide on the type of generator you want. Our company has great deals on Guardian™ generators, the best-selling brand on the market. We are happy to lend our expertise to help you make the right choice. The sooner you decide on a generator unit, the sooner we can hook it up it for you and safeguard the electrical system in your home.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of home generators. We proudly serve customers in Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas.