Generators in Durham, NC

Put a stop to power problems in your home. Power outages are issues of the past with the Guardian generators from our company. We help you select a generator that provides the right amount of backup power for your home.

Guardian Generators in Durham NCWe also provide generator installation services, making it easy for you to connect your home’s electrical system to your generator. Customers rely on us to purchase, install, and repair generators of every size. They know we always deliver our services in a timely fashion and with the utmost professionalism.

Prompt and Dependable Generator Repair

A generator that does not work is not much use when the power goes out. Check on your generator regularly and let us know if you need our generator repair services. We know how to fix all models of residential generators. Our team has access to all the necessary parts and tools to perform repairs quickly. Once we finish, we test your generator to make sure it is working properly. You can always count on our company to restore your backup power source so you never have to worry about going without power when the next storm hits.

Generator Installation for Every Home

The only way your generator can serve as a reliable source of backup power is to install it correctly. We offer expert installation services to hook up a generator to your home’s electrical system. With one of our skilled technicians handling the installation, you know your generator is properly connected and fully functional.

Another advantage of our services is our ability to customize the installation to fit your specific needs regarding the energy usage in your home. For example, we can hook up the generator so that it only provides power to specific rooms. This reduces the energy demand on the generator, so it lasts longer in the event you are without power for a prolonged period of time. We can also provide you with whole-home surge protection when performing the installation.

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Advantages of Guardian Generators

If you are interested in purchasing a generator, choose the generators from Guardian™. Our company is an authorized dealer of Guardian generators, so we know from experience how versatile and reliable these units are. They run on either natural or LP gas, and automatically supply power to the electrical circuits 30 seconds after a power outage. We offer affordable prices on Guardian generators available in 6,000 to 40,000 watt units, so you can find the perfect unit for your home.

Contact us today with any questions about generators and why you need one. We proudly serve customers in Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas.