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Do you have a clogged sink? Is your faulty drain making a mess in your kitchen or bathroom? When drains are backed up, they can slow your household’s rhythm or stop working altogether. Store-bought products only offer a temporary fix, leaving you with the same problem days or weeks later. For a plumbing solution that will clear your drain for good, enlist the help of Michael & Son’s rooter services! We’ll get your drains and sinks running again in no time at all!

Removing Tree Roots with Our Rooter Services

Trees are beautiful, but they create big problems with sewer pipes. Because sewer pipes contain water, nutrients, and oxygen, the roots naturally gravitate there. Tree roots inside sewer pipes is usually one of the biggest issues when it comes to sewer line clogs and damage. They create sewer service backups and damaged sewer pipes in our community.

Rooter Services in Raleigh, NC

Do you know what’s lurking in your sewer lines? Because the pipes are buried in the ground, you usually do not detect potential problems until it’s too late. Rooter Services Raleigh NCWhen a tree root enters a pipe crack or loose joint, it grows through the opening eventually filling the pipe with hair-like root masses. These masses create clogs that cause sewage backups.

If you have slow-flowing drains, it may be a sign that you have roots in your sewer lines. Gurgling toilet noises are also an indication. As roots grow and expand, they will eventually break or even completely collapse the pipe. By providing rooter services, we grind the roots and wash away the problems before they become expensive repairs.

Raleigh Drain Rooter Plumbing

Be familiar with the location of your sewer cleanout pipe in order to have easy access to it in the event of a sewage backup. In addition, trees should be planted no closer than 10 feet from sewer lines to minimize root intrusion. It’s also advisable to plant small, slow-growing species with less aggressive root systems.

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The most effective way to prevent sewer line problems is to arrange for regular cleaning of your sewer lateral. The method involves the use of augers, rooters, and hydro-jetting flushers. When providing this service, we also ensure your sewer lateral structurally sound. Any structural fault may allow roots into your sewer line.

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