Surge Protection Durham, NC

Power surges damage the appliances and products connected to your home’s electrical wiring. Rather than paying a lot of money to repair or replace your electrical devices, you can prevent the damage at its source with a surge protection system.

Surge Protection Durham, NCOur company offers unbeatable value on whole-house surge protection to defend your electrical system against power surges. You rest easy knowing all of your appliances and electronic devices are safe from the damaging effects of a power overload.

Why You Need Surge Protection

When people think of a surge protector, a power strip that plugs into a wall outlet is usually what comes to mind.

While these products offer some protection for electrical devices, they often wear out quickly, leaving your electronics at risk when the next power surge occurs. That is why it is best to install a whole-house surge protection system. A surge protection system not only protects your electrical items, but also increases the lifespan of surge strips by shunting the majority of a power surge.

The majority of power surges are not the result of a lightning strike, but rather by the use of the different items connected to a home’s electrical system. Televisions, air conditioning units, and appliances can overload the electrical system that provides them with power. These minor power surges damage your appliances and electronics over time, making them more likely to malfunction or break down completely. Our surge protection system prevents power surges from damaging your electrical devices.

Backup Generators and Surge Protection

If you plan on taking advantage of our great deals on generator installation, you should let us provide your home with surge protection. When an automatic backup generator kicks in due to a power outage, it can cause a power surge in your electrical system. Since you depend on your generator to provide you with power, the last thing you want is for it to damage your electrical appliances. Our surge protection system shunts the power surge created by generators, keeping your electrical devices in safe, working condition.

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Surge Protection for Your Home

Modern electronics like LED televisions and high-tech computers require more power than they did in the past. The combined energy demands of these devices and the appliances in your home can cause internal power surges. Do not allow these power surges to ruin your expensive electronic items. Our company provides whole-house surge protection that shunts power surges so they do not damage the products and equipment connected to your home’s electrical wiring. Your electronics will work better and last longer when they have a reliable source of surge protection.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our surge protection services. We proudly serve customers in Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas.