Stop the Heat from Ruining Your Summer with Our Central AC Unit Install & Repair Services

Is your home hot and unpleasant during the summer? Feel relaxed and comfortable at any time with central AC systems and unit installation services from our staff in Richmond, Virginia. The capable technicians at Michael & Son install new central AC systems to stop your home from feeling like a sauna.

When you need to repair a broken unit or update an ancient system, our

staff is also here for you. Contact us at (804) 335-1677 to pick our central AC unit installation services.

Central AC Unit Installation Services

Michael & Son Central AC can help you pick out and install whole-house central AC systems that will keep the air flowing into your home all summer long. We sell a huge variety of ac systems that work efficiently in homes locates in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, and Mechanicsville areas.

Amazing Central AC Systems

It is very important that you select the right central AC systems for your properties. If you choose a system that is small, then it will run longer and use more energy. Conversely, installing a system that is too large for your property will use too much power and not extract the proper amount of moisture from the air, which will leave you feeling damp and clammy.

Call us in Richmond, Petersburg, Glen Allen & Mechanicsville to upgrade your property with our Central AC unit installation services.

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