Richmond Disposal Repair

$50 Off Disposal Replacement Richmond VAIt happens by accident: an occasional fork or spoon goes down the garbage disposal. Sometimes large amounts of food leftover from a meal are forced down the disposal, but since it’s not meant to handle such items, the system reacts by shutting down and no longer working.

When that happens, call Michael & Son—a trusted resource in the plumbing industry. We can help you solve your plumbing issues!

Garbage Disposal Repair

You can smell it in the living room—that awful smell coming from the kitchen usually means your disposal has backed up again! Don’t fight it and risk further damage, just call the experts at Michael & Son to fix it for you. We’ll complete the job in a fast and efficient manner, leaving you with a working kitchen again!

Garbage Disposal Replacement

When it’s time for a new disposal, Michael & Son is also able to install custom new disposals for your kitchen. After the installation is complete, the technician will answer any questions you may have regarding the best way to use your new appliance, including what it can and cannot process. This will help it last for years to come!

Michael & Son is your source for disposal repair and replacement! Call for more information. We proudly serve the communities of Richmond, Petersburg, Midlothian, Chester, Chesterfield, Glen Allen and Mechanicsville.

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