Mold Remediation in Richmond, VA

Residential Mold Remediation Richmond VAAfter the flood water settles, the biggest concern most homeowners face is mold removal. Richmond area properties that have recently been flooded need to have their floors, ceilings, walls, and other areas inspected for both water damage and mold growth.

We have the skill, tools, and expertise needed to locate, identify, and eliminate mold of any strain or variety. So after the flood, contact Michael and Son and have our professionals handle your property’s mold removal. Richmond, Chester, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and Chesterfield, VA are all in our service area.

Mold Damage in Richmond, VA

Mold damage in Richmond can take many forms, all of which should be removed as quickly as possible. Mold is a serious health hazard for pets, children, elderly, and even healthy adults. Mold is known to cause respiratory problems, that includes asthma and allergy attacks. However, this harmful pathogen does more than just cause potential health issues.

If allowed to develop, mold will spread throughout a property. Over time, physical damage will occur to a property’s structures, fixtures, and contents. This is because mold feeds on organic matter including wood, sheet rock, and paper. As the mold continues to spread and grow, so too will the destruction of the property.

Be sure to regularly check your home for mold damage. In Richmond, home and property owners can contact us if they notice any of the following:

• Visible mold Growth.
• “Water Stains” or discoloration on any interior or exterior walls.
• A strong musty odor.
• Physical symptoms that include frequently watering eyes and a congested feeling in the chest. Often, these symptoms disappear when the sufferer is outside of the property, only to return upon re-entry.

Richmond VA: Mold Remediation: Residential and Commercial Properties

Michael and Son provides comprehensive mold remediation. Richmond area commercial and residential customers: contact us to quickly and affordably remove mold from their property. Mold remediation is a procedure that we have mastered. However, before the process can even begin, our technicians will first need to remove any excess moisture from the affected area. Once the moisture is removed, our highly trained staff will locate and remove the mold.

We have a powerful assortment of equipment in our mold fighting arsenal that is guaranteed to remove mold for good. So if you’ve noticed mold in your home or commercial property, contact us today for mold remediation in Richmond, VA and any of the surrounding communities. Mold damage?

To quickly remove mold in your home or commercial property, contact Michael and Son for mold removal and remediation in Richmond, Chester, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and Chesterfield, VA.

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