Smoke Odor Removal Specialists in Richmond VA

Stop the smoke from smelling up your home. After a house fire, depend on Michael & Son Services in Richmond VA for smoke damage restoration. While it is a challenging task, we’ve been doing this for many years. No matter where the damage is, our smoke odor removal team can make your place smell fresh and clean again.

You’ve been through a traumatic event. So, our primary goal is to give you peace of mind while we fully restore your home to its original condition. As experienced and IICRC-certified smoke damage restoration technicians, we handle every situation with the compassion and the professional care you deserve.

Advanced Smoke Odor Removal Techniques

Changing your air filter will do nothing to remove smoke odor from your
Richmond VA home. Unless you take effective action, it will remain in your home for years and years. Michael & Son Services uses advanced tools and techniques to remove smoke odor. When we’re finished, you’ll enjoy a happy and fresh-smelling home again. Our smoke odor removal methods include:

Smoke Odor Removal Specialists in Richmond VA• Removing Burnt Items that Create Odor
• Cleaning Air Ducts of Dust, Soot, & Other Particles
• Removing Airborne Odor Using Specialized Techniques
• Air Scrubbing Using a HEPA Filter that Removes 99.97% of Air Particles
• Thermal Fogging – Petroleum-Based Deodorizer
• Vapor Modification – Fragrance Modification Technique Using Non-Toxic Mineral Oils
• Ozone Generation – Powerful Oxidizer that Neutralizes Odorous Molecules

How to Remove Soot from Your Home in Richmond VA

You may be tempted to scrub the soot off of your walls and surfaces, but we suggest that you don’t. The cleaning technicians and products used will depend upon the type of substance that was burning. Our fully trained and licensed team in Richmond VA has the right chemicals, equipment, and techniques to remove soot from your home.

Soot removal in Richmond VA is a technique that we have mastered at Michael & Son Services. From wet smoke residues and protein residues to dry soot and synthetic soot, we use the proper methods to clean your place. Serving customers for more than 30 years, we’ve provided solutions for all types of smoke odor and soot removal problems.

Contact us for smoke damage restoration services that remove the smoke odor in your home for good. We proudly serve customers in Richmond, Chester, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and Chesterfield, Virginia.

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